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There's only so many 10yr old manc kids singing one person can take. Just switch off the chat, I've never discussed the history of the world and theology with some random XBL gamer anyway.

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Westlife. Oh wait, games? 

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I'm only going to remember my avatar when I post this. "Oh yeah.." primed in advance.

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Snake as thick as a bazooka. Any thicker and it would squeeze the juices out of my body like a kid playing with toot hpaste. I wanna get headbutted to death by that sucker. 

" Apparently some spiders have a poison that just dissolves you from the inside out, and the nerves are the first to go. So that's one way.   

Saw this program about a snake venom that jellifies your blood. They put a drop in a wine glass, turned the thing upside down and out popped a wine cube of scariness. 
P.S Snakes give me the horn. Also Mongeese. Go suck a bible.
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I want abe and his green farts. Follow me.

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@stenchlord said:
This. But mine's the junior version. Two bullet clip and 1.5 fire rate. Obviously the damage is not quite as high either.  Also mine has no zoom. Easily the best gun though. 
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You should play Worms Armageddon for XBOX. No wait don't. Ever. It fuckin sucks. Especially when you've played the original on ps1 with mail strikes, homing pigeons and grannies.

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@zaglis said:
" LOLWUT? What exactly happened to the other 55%? "
Ivory backscratcher anyone? Who cares about kiddies dying and miners trapped til christmas anyway. While we're at it, let's sterilise all the world's pandas... black and white gits.
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Wonder if there'll be matchmaking for people who don't know friends who own the game. That would also be good for the Gears games. If no matchmaking then anyone wanting to play Co-op then let me know, obviously after the 28th as I don't want to come around your house and be sodomised with a broken lightbulb, whilst "It's a small world" plays on loop in the background.

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@DrMadHatten said:
" I'm interested as well. But of course this could totally flop "
Like Heff's cock?