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Appreciate that you felt comfortable enough to share this.

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Hey couldn't find any concrete answers anywhere else. Is there split screen multiplayer on PS4/XBONE? I was debating whether I need to even bother rushing out to get a second Dualshock 4

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Despite not knowing him personally, Ryan seemed like an incredible human being. Listening to the Bombcast every week and hearing "Hey Everyone It's Tuesday!" was one of my favorite things. My thoughts are with the rest of the staff on the site as I can only imagine how they must be feeling. Truly a sad sad day

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I am on newly purchased/installed Sapphire HD7850 and got the same error. If you turn off exclusive full screen you can get it to launch. Then it seems when you are messing with the settings, switch the basic settings level to custom and leave "exclusive full screen" unchecked. Also maybe try to do all of your settings tinkering in the launcher and not the game. This is obviously not ideal. Looking for more info on a fix if anyone has one.

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Shalebridge Cradle is horrifying

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So what happens if you don't shoot "Menendez" aka Mason on the Panama mission? The fact that he dies seems a matter of fact, just that the details change?

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Mine listed the cost as -1 points. I laughed for about 4 seconds and that got annoyed

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Dude Huge. Respect

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Based on the stats shown at the end, I get the impression that you can't,

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Another great piece by Mr. Klepek that brings up some excellent points. With regard to Uncharted in general, I will certainly agree that the highly scripted nature does often lead to frustration when you fail time and again. If the margin between success and failure in a sequence is so narrow that one move can mean a trip back to the last checkpoint, its really hard to call that "fun" without an incredible payoff. I think the difference between Uncharted and many other games is that the payoff is almost always present. When you finally nail that bit of tricky/speedy platforming you are rewarded with something that puts your jaw on the ground.