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I can't say that I had any issue with it be an unconventional Castlevania game. Rather, I thought it brought a fresh setting to the series. The it was probably the best video game ending that I have ever witnessed.

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First, throw out the dough. Then create a crust base by weaving bacon and on top of that, a solid layer of ground beef. Next, you'll want to add your tomato sauce that was made with bacon fat and pancetta. Then throw on a hefty layer of buffalo mozzarella. Now for your toppings, you'll want pepperoni, ham, bacon, sausauge, plus any other animal you desire. For the crust, a rim of chicken wings (possibly boneless). I call it, the Soul Pizza.

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...Is Gabe Newell slowly morphing into Robin Williams?

I was thinking Richard Stallman... Much much scarier.

I was thinking more along the lines of an older Guillermo del Toro. Much less scary than Richard Stallman.

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Probably too much to ask for, but how about Luchadeer filling in for Rush?

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Han shot first.

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While I'm glad it's getting good reviews, there still is not enough for me to shell out almost $500 for a Wii U and this game. Maybe once the price drops and a good Metroid game gets released or something. I'm also not sold on the controller yet. According to the Ars Technica review, you can't use the pro controller for this game, which is a little bit unfortunate. Oh well. Maybe in a year or so.

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Battlefield: Bad Company made me laugh a lot.

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I want a world war 1 shooter....

Beat me to it.

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My wife really liked Plants vs. Zombies. I know it's not a two player game, but she really like it. But other than that, the LEGO games are good ones.