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Posted by Chaser324

Thanks for representing Revengeance well. I'm still upset that I couldn't find space on my list for it.

Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw

Interesting list! Divekick's previews drove me crazy because repetitive sounds drive me bonkers. Still, I can get behind the love of the Lang!

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@chaser324: I hope Rising isn't forgotten by people, how could you forget that final boss?

@sparky_buzzsaw: After playing hundreds of matches I can certainly attest to the limit of sounds in Divekick!

Posted by Chaser324

@sparky_buzzsaw: I got seven backwards caps, and they're all the same color.

Posted by rmanthorp

Any list with Ultimate Storm and Guacamelee is fine by meeee! :D

Rising was great but it just didn't make my list proper - gave it a mention for dat Sam DLC

also great to see DmC up there as well - I saw a lot of people taking sides with Rising over DmC but both are great.

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