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@sterling: Only most of the second Doctor's episodes and some of the first Doctor's episodes are lost. The rest are all there. It is hard to tell why Netflix/Amazon/Hulu only have a select few storylines. Licensing issues?

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I think Tusk was technically the last movie I saw. For that one you can just copy and paste what @onekillwonder_ said about the film.

The movie I really want to talk about is FRANK. You guys should really go see Frank. It is quirky without relying on the quirk. It is about an aspiring musician, named John, joining an uber indie band after said band's keyboard player tries to drown himself. Michael Fassbender plays the titular Frank, and is the lead singer of the band. This is a look at what a group of people who have had their 15 minutes of fame look like when the lights are not on them. Love or hate the film you really won't be able to stop thinking about it for days after the credits roll. I should know. I didn't like Frank when I first watched it. But it just wouldn't leave my mind, and now it is the second best movie I have seen this year besides Blue Ruin.

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I'm in! rsvp

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@hailinel: So YOU were the one who bought Dragon Warrior 3 from that guy before I showed up. I was so disheartened when he said that he sold it 2 hours before I got there. You did miss the boxed copy of Dragon Warrior 2 sadly.

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Also! Some trickster shenanigans. God, do I miss those.

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I would like to see some more scheduled shows. UF Fridays has basically just become a 90 minute session of QLs. Ther could be more flavor injected into the show, for sure.

If they could snatch Danny, or hire Jeff Green, that would be awesome as well.

I really miss Random PC Games.

I need more Alexis in my life. Need it!

Fix the video player.

That's really about it, for me at least.

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@hailinel: Then I rescind my previous comment! Thanks for pointing out how ridiculous it was.

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Red Dead Redemption not being on the list is a horrid miscalculation.

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@bane122: He really did! It was so great to see.

Also, TED talks can and are about pretty much anything. Hell, there is a TED "talk" about how to properly tie your shoes. There have been plenty of examples of people being on a TED stage telling the story of their lives in a way to bring up a point that they are trying to make. Some are better at making that point than others.

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@afabs515: Not yet, he is last. I believe he is next.

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