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I'm in! rsvp

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@hailinel: So YOU were the one who bought Dragon Warrior 3 from that guy before I showed up. I was so disheartened when he said that he sold it 2 hours before I got there. You did miss the boxed copy of Dragon Warrior 2 sadly.

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Also! Some trickster shenanigans. God, do I miss those.

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I would like to see some more scheduled shows. UF Fridays has basically just become a 90 minute session of QLs. Ther could be more flavor injected into the show, for sure.

If they could snatch Danny, or hire Jeff Green, that would be awesome as well.

I really miss Random PC Games.

I need more Alexis in my life. Need it!

Fix the video player.

That's really about it, for me at least.

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@hailinel: Then I rescind my previous comment! Thanks for pointing out how ridiculous it was.

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Red Dead Redemption not being on the list is a horrid miscalculation.

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@bane122: He really did! It was so great to see.

Also, TED talks can and are about pretty much anything. Hell, there is a TED "talk" about how to properly tie your shoes. There have been plenty of examples of people being on a TED stage telling the story of their lives in a way to bring up a point that they are trying to make. Some are better at making that point than others.

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@afabs515: Not yet, he is last. I believe he is next.

hide the chat.

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@kidavenger: the muslim jokes are pretty deplorable.

Edit: also, the fat comments.