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In the avatar editor if you hold down the burp button and push it up and down you realize that your avatar sounds like Master Jiggywiggy. Remember wherever there is a 360, Master Jiggywiggy will always live on. So then I wondered if the guy who recorded the original VO gets paid on every xbox 360 sold? Does he even know?

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The Phantom Pain thingy, I would have expected that there

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this one is pretty classy

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Dragonborn(and the other Skyrim DLC too) is going to be $10 this Tuesday on Xbox live

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@miketakon said:

Word is Yukes has been future endeavored.

"Bloomberg reported that Take Two Interactive will take over THQ's WWE series, the company will develop and publish future WWE titles; previous agreement between THQ and Yukes' will be terminated and Yukes' will no longer be working on the series."

via GAF

Not to steal any thunder, but here's the original Bloomberg article:

This might be the best news I've heard in this whole THQ dissolving thing. Which is actually kind of messed up now that I think about it, that I'm excited for a game because of who isn't working on it.

it just sounds like they need to make new contracts between Yukes,WWE, and Take-Two to make things official. I wouldn't get my hopes up about it

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I miss the forum thingy on the bottom of the front page :(

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I wonder if the models that come after will cost less then considering the first one will come with a controller

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that is cool as hell

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I'm still waiting

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an Awakened preview!