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we all have one, a console that we simply look back on with a certain fondness, be it because we had it as a child or because our favourite games were on it. which console do you remember the most fondly? 
Mine would have to be the n64. the first console i ever owned. the console i played games like majoras mask and jet force gemini on. 
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" @Synthballs: thanks for knowing that game  I have another game i think for PS1 i do not want to play but the game had 2 CDs and in the game you went back in time or something like that this one i am not 100% on i have some idea of the gameplay but it is very little as i never beat it beacuse it was so long and i did not have a memory card  at the time so i had to leave the game on and on 2nd cd someone turned off the game also i think the main player was a teenage boy but i am not 100% on that   I am thinking its like the longest game of its time - any Final Fantasy game that may of bean out at the time   this game was just a really old fun game that i played (IDK maybe if i knew the name i would play it again) thanks again "

wow. thats please!
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@xyzygy said:
"So there is a hard part in the game. I'm glad Visceral isn't making it easy as balls. Do people expect games to just throw themselves at you now? Go play some Demon's Souls, Ryan! "

actually i suspect thats why giant bomb didnt review demon's souls. the quicklook was vinny spelling out that its the hardest thing he's ever touched
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no see the thing is that guy is the leader of that site! imagine if jeff pulled shit like that!
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You know what's even worse than forum users who talk trash about such forum users behind their backs on another forum? Forum users who indirectly insult other forum users because they're passive aggressive and don't have the balls to be direct.
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cool story, self.
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good! for a while i thought i was alone
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based soley on the ryans inferno i cant see how anyone can possibly enjoy this. ryan looks like he's on the verge of breaking down! this is to ryan what prototype was to brad back in the day
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glad i could spread the word.