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The screenshots of this game look rather "interesting." I bet a quick look of this would be quite hilarious.

Also what's up with all the different mana bars?

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Wait a minute...That card...

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Alien: Colonial Marines aka Total: Cluster Fuck.

No need to even write about it.

Aliens: Colonial Marines. Bad, bad game.

Aliens: Colonial Marines, easily. What a total shitshow from top to bottom.

Totally forgot about Aliens! My bad!

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Diablo 3 is a bad Diablo game and a waste of money.

Try Diablo 2 or Path of Exile instead.

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@gaminghooligan: there is a fun bridge building game. there is a gb quick look of the windows version i think.

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@amyggen said:

@triviaman09: The definition of a win state is also incredibly vague, and is different things to different people. Do MMORPGs really have a win state? You could say that leveling up or maybe completing a dungeon is a win state, but you never really "win" at an MMO. It just keeps on going. You never reach an end. Same goes for "old School" Minecraft, is that a game or not?

I agree that using "win states" to judge what isn't and isn't a game is useless. And yeah, I think the whole discussion really has no real merit: It's mostly a way to dismiss certain games from the discussion.

In MMORPGs you win or lose individual battles. Also, is old school minecraft a game? You can die in it. You can defeat or be defeated by monsters. It has game-y elements.

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@amyggen said:


Do you disagree with the video I posted? That reflects my view on the subject pretty well.

I'm watching it. BTW, "baldness" is as hard to define as "game-iness", at some point you're obviously bald and at some point you're obviously not bald ( Just because there is a murky middle doesn't mean there is no clear definition. If "Gone Home" was obviously a game or not a game to me, I wouldn't post this poll.