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This discussion has gone on since the site launched and will probably continue to do so until the site closes down one day.

The site's content is received positively to begin with, then people become disenchanted and annoyed or upset or just generally negative about it before eventually returning to a positively euphoric feeling towards the site again.

It's all down to a thing called change. Over time change causes different things to happen resulting in different reactions which provide lots of feedback which in turn steer the direction of future content to be delivered.

It's a very human thing to get annoyed about what we have available to us when we've had too much of a good thing. We go through phases of over indulgence and obsession (especially gamers) only to find that thing we loved so thoroughly has become the object of our scorn.

Guaranteed in a few months the people currently happy with the site's content will be annoyed by something and vice versa for those currently unhappy.

The only cure for this issue is to play video games and/or go out in the fresh air and find something else to do before coming back with a fresh approach.

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It's a new Fallout game, nothing surprising!

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Is Blastoise still the most awesome pokemon?!

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He will be sorely missed by family, friends and fans around the world.

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The lack of Rocksteady Studios being at the helm makes me slightly apprehensive as does the fact they are going down the route of making the game a prequel. I would much prefer the idea of a third game being a sequel to the amazing finale from Arkham City.

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cover the case in about 4-6 layers of bubble wrap

pack it inside the original cardboard box with the polystyrene moulds

How do you get it to fit after adding so many layers to the tower?

I'd recommend taking the GPU out and wrapping it separately, especially if it is a large card. If there box gets some rough handling I can imagine the PCI connection cracking or snapping under the stress.

I usually opt for the "small" bubble wrap. But arguably it's less about getting the moulds to fit and more about getting the case to fit tightly in the box which the moulds help achieve. The less it bounces around inside the box the better.

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Purchase some of that inflatable balloon packaging you often find electrical products packaged in and fill every gap inside the case with it.Then be sure to cover the case in about 4-6 layers of bubble wrap and finally pack it inside the original cardboard box with the polystyrene moulds that would have come when you bought the case. Then duct tape the box along every edge and opening to avoid possible damp leaking in should something spill in the cargo hold.

If you don't have the original box the case came in then buy something that provides as close a fit as possible and stuff rolled up newspaper down the sides etc to make it a "tighter" fit. I've done this every time I moved with my desktop tower before finally just buying a laptop lol so there's always that option :P

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Microsoft just had a clearer vision for their console at the beginning before Sony did. And to some extent they still do, we can only hope that Sony stop viewing their Playstation consoles as a means to push other products (such as 3D televisions). Instead Sony needs to focus on the Playstation as a core stand alone product, something that can sell itself.

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It has to be between Heavy Rain and Uncharted 2, both were stellar games for different reasons.