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Hi, just caved in and bought TOR. Please send an invite/friend request/whatever to HombreGato

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I have a friend who directs plays at a tiny community theater in a tiny town. I've been talking to him recently about how amazing it would be to adapt Sanitarium as a Halloween show to be performed for one weekend. How does one go about obtaining permission to do this? The company is no more, but the game is still sold on gog.com, so somebody must still claim ownership.

I don't have experience in this, but I'd love to prove to him that we wouldn't be sued. (As if a small town community theater would pop up on the radar of anyone.)

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The one thing that could put this over the top: Actors playing themselves. Who doesn't want to see James Franco blowing lines off a hooker's ass?

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Ok, this is really creepy.  Creepy because I received it in my work email, which I do not have registered with Giantbomb, Facebook, or anything else of that nature.  

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 Ah.. HAHAHAhahaaaafinally!!!!!
Shogun was the best of the series and is in my Top10

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3. Tinker, Tailor, Solder, Spy
2.  Jackie Chan's First Strike
1. La Femme Nikita (film)

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No, yer not alone in this.  
I was optimistic about F3.  I made it through eight or ten hours maybe, but can't bring myself to go back.  I feel that writing and humor have never been strong points of The Elder Scrolls, so it really didn't surprise me that F3 fell short of the original games at least during those Vault and Megaton encounters.
If I had nothing better to do, sure.  But I'll sooner play a plethora of truly top notch titles.  New Vegas will top that list the day it comes out, I'm sure.

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Like most games, I was lucky with Vampire Bloodlines.  Never noticed a single bug, and that game is notorious for them.  That's not to say I'm untouchable.  Neverwinter Nights 2 finally caught me with a nasty one.
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Yeah, unfortunately some people are reviewing this based on a narrow approach.  It becomes really interesting when you start experimenting.  RPGs often give you options that either lead nowhere, or penalize you as a way to make it *seem* like you have a choice.  Alpha Protocol actually rewards you for the road less traveled.
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F:NV already looks to have improved on Bethesda's Fallout quite a bit.  I'm not expecting the miracles necessary to redeem Bethesda's take, but Obsidian writing alone will ring truer to the franchise, particularly if they assemble the kind of character actor voice cast that defined the originals.  Rene Auberjonois (constable Odo) is a nice start.