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@blessmystars: @chaser324: You'd think with each new handheld Nintendo would think of improvements in designs but then we are just reminded about the Nintendo 2DS. Seriously that is the most akwardly designed handheld I have ever seen. You really can't carry that thing around in your pockets unless you wear XL baggy pockets jeans.

Another thing I have to be warry about too is if they keep the same dimensions for the smaller new 3ds and how will it feel in peoples hands. I don't know about the lot of you but my original 3ds felt so uncomfortable in my hands that I couldn't do any sort of extended gaming without getting cramps in them. I evenetually bought an ergonomic attachment which helped a lot and made it easier to play games which required more dexterity with the fingers. It would suck if you had to play something like xenoblade and the system just didn't feel quite right.

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This just drives me nuts. WTF is Nintendo seriously doing are they just throwing darts on a wall and hoping one of their ideas "will be the one" to catch on with consumers. I think the one thing that really pisses me off and I'd assume hopefully others is the loyalty fans of their games show and their inkling to milk each of us dry with each iteration of console they release. 2ds now the new 3ds? Nintendo figure out wtf you're doing and stop trying to fool us with your shennanigans. I'd probably actually be excited for this if they totally dropped 3ds from the name of this one and just called it something else. At least if they did it wouldn't feel like we were being conned by Bojangles McGee.

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Grabbing it now super psyched for this one. I must say first while I love both series I fell off the Layton series hard and haven't played any of the 3ds games. I'm primarily getting this cause of my love for Phoenix Wright and just wanted to show support for the franchise so we can see more of the games come out over here in the future. Hopefully if this game does well we might see Miles Edgeworth 2 "officially" come out in the states.

Game came out at midnight on the east coast but is available now on the eShop for people on the west coast at 9 pm.

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Dude this is never an option we all have our rough patches, all of us.

Never feel like you're alone in the matter man. I seriously urge you to call and get some help. If you are in the United States please call.


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


International Lines



hang in there dude.

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Haha your post just reminded me that Doug was an option. Totally forgot about that dude!

haha yeah, I didn't pick him. But the youtube video that I consulted to get the correct quoting apparently did. Who picks Doug? The semi-flirting between Carly and Lee through those couple of episodes makes that shooting scene that much more impactful.

I know right! Doug is lammmmme with a capital "L".

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The usual.

Mike Rotch

Seymour Butts

Amanda Hugandkiss

Captain Chipmunks

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@theacidskull said:

Plus shooting a kid in the shoulder when she clearly didn't fight back is kind of wrong.

Also, I hope I meet Bonnie and Mike again, so I can scold them and maybe put a bullet through their heads.

Yeah but then immediately after that during the Lee scene, he explains when Clem asked "Why did Lilly do that to Doug?" (basically asking as a parallel why Arvo shot her) and Lee says: "She was sad and that can make people angry sometimes (...) cause bad things happen to everyone and its hard to continue being yourself after they do." Also if you choose the right option, Lee says that he himself got like that once. Its a very subtle point that I really liked a lot.

Haha your post just reminded me that Doug was an option. Totally forgot about that dude!

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For those who are planning on purchasing this and are looking for people from the community to play with add your Steam User ID below.

Please feel free to add me

Steam ID: I Stay Puft