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Sorry Bulls fans Lebron has brought back the headband, it's officially game over.

He's serious now.

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@patoday said:

So, thoughts on the Wells Report's findings?

Some of the punishments people (Shannon Sharpe) are talking about are absurd.

Tom Brady must wear a helmet made entirely of Uggs for the rest of his career.

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Looks cool.

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Maybe the Star Fox 2 of our generation?

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Thinking back on this it is pretty crazy that this got removed. If I remember correctly didn't this get some high accolades from press during GOTY stuff last year?

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I'm a little confused here, but... is this movie the last time we're seeing the current Avengers squad? I get that they have their movies in Phase 3, but given the whole "Civil War" thing coming up, is Infinity War going to be all about Don Cheadle and crew? Also just read that Joss Whedon isn't directing the third Avengers film so this all seems like it's ripping apart at the seams a little bit. I was (still am) hoping that Marvel's streak holds at least until the 3rd Avengers flick and then after that when they try to stretch that success forever I can stop caring.

Nah, I don't think so they'll probably re-group for Avengers 3. Even though some of the actors contracts are up they can always be renegotiated, and one thing Disney has is tons of money to throw around. In the comics Avengers has always been a revolving team so it makes sense that this would be no different in the movie universe.

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Watched the Lupin the III live action film the other night based on the Monkey Punch anime / manga series. It was alright it's kinda weird that the movies spoken dialogue is mostly in English while occasionally switching to Japanese. I guess they wanted to showcase that the characters were worldly even though you could tell the actors / actresses English wasn't all that great.

If you're a fan of the series it isn't the worst thing out there.

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Oh hey anime fans these are also coming soon...

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Mike "Pink Eye" Connelly. Need to figure out a way to make that nickname stick.

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