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Cool beans! Welcome aboard Austin!

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Ghost in the Shell 2015 film preview.

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I think Marvel was smart with their recent license purchases. Both Star Wars and Marvel have giant universes where they can potentially make many spin-off movies without the fear of creating a new stand alone franchise and it already being tied to an established universe. In terms of the Marvel movies themselves they've been pretty hit and miss as of late but I think the movie industry as of late has been pretty bad with their blockbusters.

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need to bump this, sooo good.

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I might jump into this depending on how they handle the free vs. pay. I recently jumped back into swtor for a bit and I just realized how insane the f2p method is on there where almost nearly everything is locked up behind a pay wall, even the amount of exp you gain from completing a mission.

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@papercut: which city claims the championship though if they win it oaktown or sf? Or does this go out to all of California since the team is using the golden state moniker when addressing its territorial location?

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Wow Harden's choking big time. Currently he sits at a NBA playoff record 12 turnovers. The Warriors are now chanting his name like he's Daryl Strawberry at Mets Stadium.

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@alistercat: Depending on how much stash space you have you might think about starting to save up a bunch of low level odin boxes, midtown madness boxes, and icp boxes. Wait for the last day of an omega week and then popping the boosts before opening them all.

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Brad should totally become a wedding singer. Slick back hair, the pipes, the baritone voice. That kid's got spunk.

WHOA Falsetto.

That was an awesome cover guys, truly impressed.

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Good thing the first 14 days were free. It's like signing up for the WWE network for their free month and then cancelling before the monthly payment plan hits.