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The thing is, you have to remember that the Xbox 360 ran those OG Xbox games through an emulator. That allowed them the freedom to upscale and smooth things out and make the games look nice, but it came with the consequence of some games didn't get emulated nearly as well and others weren't emulated at all. I have several games I've never been able to play because I didn't have an Xbox and the 360 can't read them.

Compare it to how Wii U and those early PS3s handled it: they just put the guts of the old system in there so it effectively becomes a Wii or a PS2 when you go into those modes. There's only really so much of a wrapper they can put on it to upscale things when they go into full-on hardware emulation rather than software emulation. But considering the trade off is all my stuff works, I think it's very much worth not having upscaling.

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Sorry you got tricked into buying the best game of 2010 for $10 and you're disappointed because you didn't read what you were buying.

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It's always funny watching this stuff again and then watching people try and front like the games press was so much better and more above the board back in the day.

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Man, I am so nostalgic for 2009 Giant Bomb right now...

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Oh well, I was really looking forward to messing around with the Jackbox Party Pack too. :(

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@azlamorlandu: What are you trying to say? That Sony shouldn't be punished for misleading people with its advertising?

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I'm never going to complain about companies being forced to be more honest and realistic about their products and the limits of what they can do.

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Yeah sure, Ubi, THAT's the reason why you're holding reviews for yet another of your games. The worst part is, I was a little excited for The Crew too.

Fuck off, you slimebags.