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I liked the original anime enough, but the game was beyond boring. Still don't understand how something as stylized as Afro Samurai could be that bland. This seems like a mistake.

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Full shutdown, but that's mostly because I usually throw on a TV show to fall asleep to and I never turned off the auto-shutdown after 4 hours of being idle.

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I find the whole "winning E3" thing to be fanboy bullshit, but if it were possible to do so, Nintendo did it in my book. That Nintendo Direct left me so excited to see what's coming with Zelda and Splatoon and had more games that I actively want to play than the others. Couldn't be happier.

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Follow suit, Sony, what's the hold up?

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Here's the thing, though: it actually says: "Video Games for Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and 3DS," but I suppose that wouldn't have worked with the BS narrative you're trying to assemble, would it?

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I would be really surprised if they dropped the price at E3. There's just no reason for them to do so.

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So long AWS? Nice.

But think about all the good times AWS gave us. Like that week where all their servers broke and Giant Bomb and all the other Whiskey sites went down.

Well okay, the live content they did was pretty awesome, but still.

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Woah hold up, what's the latest title change about? Is Kaiju doing something new?

Man, I used to love Big Battel. My friends and I went to basically every New York/Boston/Philly show without fail for something like four years straight. I can still point us out in all those show DVDs they have too. And then they fell apart and became egregiously awful around three years ago and I swore I would never see another one after the god awful show they did at B.B. Kings to raise money for the Japan typhoon relief effort.

Someone really needs to write a tell-all about what happened to them. I know there was some huge thing where they moved the company from Boston to New York and half of Studio Kaiju quit, but the whole thing has never made sense to me and none of the crew we were friends with is there anymore and they wouldn't really elaborate on what happened any more than that.

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Not sure why it matters. The Razor character is what made Scott Hall.

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  • Is anyone else really bothered by the fact that they're only inducting "Razor Ramon" and not Scott Hall?

Mostly because I'm a bitter WCW kid who thinks it's kind of also worth mentioning that he was one of the key members of nWo, but I suppose they can just double dip because they'll have to induct that stable eventually.