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@SpaceRunaway: Well I'm glad you saw it! This book has 27X pages instead of the 240 the original had, so it's "better" anyway.

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Bought it for $40 over the weekend because I love platformers, especially those with collectibles. Not playing it until Xmas, however.

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I placed my order last night (~$35 USD shipped for the hardcover version), and it's set to ship in early-mid December. It looks pretty fantastic. You can buy it here. The first run of handbooks were released 2-3 years ago, and this reprint includes some neat extras--all of which are detailed on the website.

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@Solskugga said:

well im up for whatever. was just about to do a post about creating a group when i saw this post ^^

Do you have any invites to send out? I'm dying to get in, as League of Legends has recently been making me want to rip my hair out.

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@scarace360: Well, like, I still need a beta invite. Have you already sent your two away? Only two of my friends have Dota 2 access, and they both got it from other people.

I do know all about ganks, though. All about ganks.

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@scarace360: Someone just send me an invite and I'll play with you, buddy! :D I need someone to save me from League of Legends.

Steam's weird and requires frequent cache clears and file verification. Dunno why it can't fix itself on a schedule since it does everything else rather well.

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@scarace360: You lucky duck. Did you get invited to the beta personally or did a friend send you an invite?

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I don't care for Family Guy.

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  • Marvel vs. Capcom 3
  • Battlefield 3
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@Evil_Alaska: The map pack code you listed is giving me a "Please enter a valid code." I'd be absolutely thrilled with getting that map pack if someone hasn't already redeemed it and you typed it in incorrectly. Might as well ask.

That's quite nice of you to post them up for users.