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@fluxwavez: From reading your previous posts as well, we seem to have a pretty similar view of this game (enjoyed the demo and all that). And yeah obviously, I totally agree.

@believer258: The problem I had, is that the game does nothing to tell you that, yes, it is going to be a grind and the same thing over and over again. To the opposite, they build up the moment at the end of chapter 4 as the "point of no return" most J-RPGs have. So, like the completionist I am, I decided to do every quest on the map and grind my levels and all my jobs to the max. And then when the game sent me back to redo everything, although it didn't take me too long since I was completely overleveled, it still took me several hours to go around the world and redo EVERYTHING. Because, again, the game does not tell you its last chapters are going to be the same thing. It's part of the moment they are building up when you have enough of it and decide to blow up the crystals instead of saving them. And to their credit, it worked. I had enough of it and wanted to get it over with so I said "fuck it". But in the end, you still got me super frustrated with the game.

I agree that grinding for at least a dozen hours at the end of the game is inherent to RPGs, and whether this is good or bad is another discussion altogether. The frustrating part is that the game didn't need those extra chapters, and up until now, it was actually a pretty good game. It's like the game said "Okay, you had a lot of fun with this and want to see the end ? How about you play 20 hours more and maybe I'll give it to you". And that's not even particularly accurate since the game does not tell you anything about it becoming a grind of recycled content. I guess if someone warned me beforehand, it would've been way less bad since I could have decided to skip it. But again, having someone tell you "Hey ! Turn the game off once you hit the Chapter 5 title screen because it turns to crap" is not a super enthralling way to start a game.

In short: Said like that, yes, it probably doesn't sound that bad. But it's worse when YOU play it and completely sours a pretty good experience up to this point.

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Read all of it. I knew some things about F1 already but not in much detail. That was a really great read. Thanks duder for this ! I wish mods would put it in the community spotlight. It could be useful once the Alt+F1 podcast comes out.

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It would've been so perfect. The game up to this point is so good. And then when you think the game is going to end because you've reached the point of no return and you're going to fight the last boss and everything's gonna be great... chapter 5 happens.

And then chapter 6.

And then you skip to the final chapter, and you have no idea what is going on or what the characters are talking about because you missed all the backstory.

And then it ends.

And you go back to the main menu and see the "true title" (i.e. the stupid one.)

And now I'm really, really, REALLY bummed out. Sorry for rambling, but this game ends so poorly, it soured me on the entire game, which is a shame because it's an awesome game. I was almost ready to put it up there with my favorite JRPGs. It was so close, too. This game did the equivalent of doing an amazing race all the way through and right before the finish line decided to do a 180 and go the wrong way while giving everyone the finger. I don't even have to the will to get the true ending. Holy shit, the end of this game sucks.

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P3P is the "shoot outside of the screen". I played P3 FES and loved it. And I think P3P is a perfect mix of what makes P3 and P4 awesome. GET IT IF YOU HAVE A PSP !

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@zalrus9: I have added you.

If anyone wants to add me to their friends list, my friend code is 2637 - 9344 - 2170, I'm Noggen. I have all the jobs at max level (save one, but I'm working on it !) and I try to update my special attack often. It replenishes health, mana, gives 2 BPs to all allies and even brings back KOed party members. In case you need a little extra oomph :'D

I try to add everyone that needs help, but don't forget to send me a message or to reply to me so I don't miss you. I really like this game, and I'm looking forward to more people playing it !

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@icebuncle: Don't worry about the rebuilding. If you go and "Update Data" every day, you should have more than enough villagers. I finished the city halfway through the game. You will run out of money LONG before you run out of things to buy, and that's not counting the things you can buy in the normal shops.

But I have still added you, as the Abilink feature is really cool and helps building awesome characters and strategies without having to level all your jobs with every character. @petiew and @poisonmonkey's game progress have made my experience a lot more pleasant and enjoyable, so thanks duders !

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@aquacadet: I am not disagreeing. I mean, it really sucked a lot when I played Nintendo Land and not only did you have to use Wiimotes for most of it, but you need to have the silly Motion plus attached to it, which I only had 1 of and I couldn't play with my brother and sister.

But there are a lot of things I really love about this console. The Miiverse is really great and the way it has been implemented in recent Nintendo games (Windwaker HD and 3D World) is incredibly smart. The Game Pad is actually a really good controller. The Gyroscope works surprisingly well and it feels great playing with the controller in hand for extended stretches of time. The fact that some games have a GamePad only mode is way more useful than I would've thought. I can just pick up my controller and play some 3D World or Rayman Origins in bed or do my daily Wii Fit really quickly.

What I'm trying to say is I agree, a console with not a lot a great games is not a great console, but the rare games I've played on the system have been great experiences. It's more Nintendo's fault that the console is failing more than the console itself, if that makes any sense.

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As a proud WiiU And 3DS owner, this is a huge fucking bummer. Expected, but a bummer still. The WiiU is a great console with no games.

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I love it ! Really like the Giant Bomb logo for the bomb. Nice touch ! Patrick is should really use this as the logo for the next installment :'D

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If it is Demon's Souls... I'm gonna be really interested. I absolutely love Dark Souls and went on and played 12 hours of Demon's Souls after finishing it... That game is not as good... By a MILE !