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Just discovered this. It is GREAT !

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I really didn't like their Points Capture rules. You don't gain score depending on how many points you have, you get it from killing people. The more points you have when you kill enemies, the more score you get. I thought the point of that game mode was to allow people who were not super great at the shooting part but were more strategic and team-players to have a game mode they'd be good at. But no. Also, most of the people have no fucking idea how it actually works, and keep stealing points over and over again, even when they are behind.

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Well... Best of luck to you !

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Agen, France

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@fiercedeity: Oh don't get me wrong, I never said Blizzard was the bad guy in the DOTA story. Both companies were pretty dirty in that one, but the fact remains that Blizzard didn't say anything for years until they realized DOTA 2 was getting popular. THEN they decided to take legal action. If Zenimax had decided to contest John Carmack leaving for Occulus, they should have done it the moment he announced he was leaving, or right after.

I guess it doesn't make Blizzard or Zenimax wrong, but it makes them lose a lot of credibility. You can't say "I'm fine with it, whatever" and when the concept gets popular go "About what I said earlier ? Yeah, I was lying."

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@joshwent: I'm kind of in the same situation. Whenever I think of Zenimax, I think of that and the "Scrolls" thing. And then I remember what studios they own, and I feel really bad for the developers of those games. They need to tell their legal team to calm the F down.

This story feels strangely like the whole "DOTA" thing between Blizzard and Valve. "Heck yeah DOTA is a pretty good user-made map in Warcraft 3. Wait, are those DOTA 2 numbers for real ?! HEY DOTA IS TOTALLY OUR IT'S IN W3 IT'S OUR GIVE US THE MONEY GIVE IT GIVE IT GIVE IT !"

And I'm slowly warming up to the idea of Facebook owning Occulus. They seem to be saying the right words, and saying them the right way. This response is an example.

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What a load of BS. Zenimax is smelling a lot of money, and they want a part of it. Also, it is INSANE to me that there is so much fuss about a device THAT HASN'T EVEN BEEN RELEASED YET. It is super interesting to follow, if anything.

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@cocabis: Yeah, he is definitely becoming one of my favorites as well. The incidents that happened in the first 2 races had absolutely nothing to do with his abilities. Doing 4th when you started with a -10 position penalty is remarkable. I hope he becomes the 3rd man on the podium.

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If it means we get really close and interesting end races like this, I might be okay with Mercedes dominating.

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This Grand Prix is THE BEST ! Team fighting 24/7 !