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Behind the curtains, Windows 8 is much, MUCH better than 7.

All you gotta do to enjoy the awesomeness of windows 8 is to avoid metro/modern at any costs, and it is all completely avoidable, so if you don't upgrade because of front-end-microsoft-bs, you are stupid.

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I game on my MacBook Pro. I don't see the point of having a 'gaming PC', in the end it's still the same game no matter what.

Keep telling yourself that...

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Really?! No Audio CD's?! In 2013?!

Is this some kind of DRM stuff where Sony has to pay extra for audio CD playback? Because if not, this is pretty dumb.

Are you being sarcastic?

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@talibanchic: My uncle who works at Nintendo just confirmed this.

Also this is why pre-ordering consoles is a dumb idea.

pre ordering anything is a dumb idea.

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Oh thanks, didn't know that. In any case, the price of those devices seem to be pretty modest. So, it seems like the HDCP issue can't really be the only thing that they are complaining about.

Hasn't that long since been resolved? HDCP will be turned off for gameplay post launch? Because technically you break the law if you capture gameplay despite HDCP.

HDCP was introduced to protect bluray movies but Sony was too stupid to make it recognize when you are playing a game instead of a movie.

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I am 100% sure that Microsoft will get a ton more coverage than Sony. There is no conspiracy theory here, the simple truth is that Sony are providing one debug unit to one video outlet in North America (I don’t know about the rest of the world) and only a select few “wordy/written/text” based outlets.

And before the question is asked, I don’t actually know why Sony doesn’t want established video outlets to have access to video footage of their console before or after launch. It has never been done before.

In my mind this is a huge mistake and I seriously doubt that, that decision was made in SCEA, but rather at the HQ in Japan. The folks over there need to settle down and have a box of juice or something, because as someone that develops games, I want to get in front of as many eyeballs as possible.

I don’t know the reason behind this, but I do know that it is like giving Xbox a free advertisement on every 3rd party game review until Sony completes their inevitable…../Drum Roll 180.

The other reason behind this is that until Sony allows video capture with unrestricted HDCP, reviewers won’t actually be able to review third party games on the PS4 as they will want to do post production.

That said, Sony are not stupid, they have already said that they will remove the HDCP restrictions –to paraphrase “We get it, you want this and we will resolve this issue after launch”.

Wait...am I reading that...Sony is only sending out one review unit? And heavily compromising footage used?

More like the HDCP on retail units will not have been removed by launch and since there are no component cables, video coverage will be impossible (except for the luck guys that got the Dev Kit), that would be the case, if everyone and their dogs did not know how to bypass the HDCP.

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surprise surprise.

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@cikame said:

So if you don't have the internet you can't use it to watch movies?

I don't know why they had to restrict that.

I can't imagine someone who is paying 400 bucks on launch day, doesn't have internet or another device that plays bluray and dvds.