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Although really, do I need spoiler tags if it ended over a year ago?
Anyhow, I'm just starting the process of re-watching Battlestar Galactica now that I got it on Blu-Ray. I look forward to see how the series plays in light of the ending, but I'm wondering what everyone thought of it.  I remember reading an interview with Ron Moore after watching the finale where he talked about how the most important thing in doing the finale was focusing on the characters instead of the plot.  While BSG definitely had some very well developed characters, and they also didn't have hundreds of unsolved mysteries ala Lost, there were a a few plot threads that definitely needed to be answered. Specifically, I thought two plot threads needed to be fleshed out more, they were
1) the nature of Starbuck's dis and re appearance
2) the nature of the relationship between Gaius and Six
Otherwise I was happy with the finale, but with those two important mysteries floating around (one since Season 3 and one since Day 1) , I think "unexplained resurrection" and "We're Angels..or something"  aren't really much by way of conclusions.  I've seen on this board some comments about how people stopped after Season 2, but for those who stuck it out, was the ending a complete letdown? Or was it just perhaps unexpected in a good way?
PS: Is "The Plan" worth watching? I thought the whole "Cylons have a plan" plot thread kind of got lost along the way and if it gives a better explanation of what it was, I'd like to watch it.

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Top Five for me
1) Progressive Nation 2008 (Dream Theater, Opeth, Between the Buried and Me, 3)
2) Metallica (with Lamb of God and The Sword opening)
3) Mastodon (with Kylesa and Intronaut opening)
4)  Dethklok + Mastodon (with Converge and  High on Fire opening)
5) Harvest Moon Festival 2005 (Project 86 and Mute Math specifically)

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My current favourite 3 are Opeth, Dillinger Escape Plan and Mastodon.  If you were to check those out, I'd start with Opeth's "Blackwater Park", Dillinger Escape Plan's "Miss Machine" (others will say Calculating Infinity) and Mastodon's "Leviathan".

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Hey there,
 I'm Jon and I actually don't enjoy long walks on the beach, so Grimmus, it's probably for the best that you're married, I'm engaged and we're both straight. I have a PS3 but am not averse to playing XBOX 360 or Wii when I have the opportunity. My first console was the NES and my first game was Super Mario Bros.  I work for an airline in Canada so that means I get to be fun and impulsively go to other cities often. My education is in business but so far I haven't gotten the chance to bust that out yet. But most importantly (except if you ask me in front of my fiancee), is that I love video games. Always have and always will. No amount of growing up will change that.

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" While Mastodon is a group of very talented musicians, I felt that they weren't very lively on stage. It was pretty awesome to see Brann Dailor going nuts on his drum kit, but the rest of the band just sort of stood there. Troy Sanders would occassionaly look out to the crowd to throw up the metal horns, but other than that they really didn't do much. Brann threw his drumsticks out to the crowd at the end, and they only said three words during their whole set: "See You Tommorow." It was great to see them live, but I kind of wish they had said.....something. "
I saw this tour in Calgary, and saw Mastodon a few months back when they were touring with Kylesa and Intronaut and they did that both times. It's definitely not what I'm used to in a concert experience, but I think it works for them.  It results in more playing of songs and less not playing of songs.  Especially if the "banter" is crap (coughProtesttheHerocough), I'd rather just hear more music. I think the vibe of their music also seems to make the need for banter less than necessary. 
Glad you had a good time though. I was introduced to High on Fire and although I probably wouldn't go out and listen to them often I enjoyed their set. I was really excited to see Converge as it was my first time seeing them (been listening to them for a few years) and  HOLY SHIT it was totally worth it. I was kinda hoping for a brand new set from Mastodon as they had played all of Crack the Skye last time I saw them too, but oh well. We still got some older stuff (and different ones from last time).  Seeing Dethklok for me was a surreal experience cause I was watching a cartoon come to life essentially...if I had been smoking any drugs I probably would have freaked out.  But hearing the songs live was sweet, specially the classics like Duncan Hills, Hatredcopter, Awaken, Murmaider, Thunderhorse. One of the better shows I went to this year.

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@freecajunlove:  Saw BTBAM open for KSE and In Flames tonight. They played All Bodies, a new song (don't remember the name) and White Walls. The new song was pretty cool from what I could tell but the venue was shit for sound so I'll wait for the album.  So freakin pumped.
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Hmm, I believe I qualify as I am a Canadian PS3 owner that is currently commenting on this story.  One entry please, carny.

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My favourite one was Shatner, but there were some good moments in others. I enjoyed Gilbert Gottfried's bit on both Saget's and River's roasts.  Norm Macdonald on Saget was also perplexingly awesome.  I thought Carl Reiner shouting "FUCK" was funny but the bit got tired after that. I do get annoyed that people tend to focus on the same singular quality of the person they are roasting, especially when it's the guest of honour. The people who I remember are usually the ones who go for the less obvious jokes or at least get creative on the well established ones.

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@freecajunlove: Thanks for the tip on Genghis Tron. Cool video as well.