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lolled. Well done, Issac.

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Took me about 5 goes to beat this boss even with plenty of ammo - seems like it could be broken for you people, those enemys DO drop plenty of ammo though but it's tough. 
I ended up deciding to only fire at nicole - 9 shots from my plama cutter makes the marker vulnerable (and kills all of the pack) so i then reload whilst that is happen and then switch to my plasma rifle and lay in to the marker, as it begins stabalising i reload and then switch back to the cutter, rinse, repeat. 
I enjoyed the boss fight in ds1 much more.

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I'm happy with my shiny :3

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I played it last night with lights off and headphones on loud, some segments were INSANE. love it.

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@jakob187 Ill steal an ignition code from work for you today.
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They did an unboxing for CE a while ago .. I think for $20 extra its a pretty okay CE. 
Also, DeadSpace Ignition is a pre-order bonus and you should have been given the voucher when you placed your order - that is the mistake of whoever you bought it from.

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I work in an Australian EB Games (which is owned by gamestop), Ghost Trick was/is a SO title. which means special order - if a customer wanted it, they had to pre-order it and they could order a copy from  up to 2 weeks after release. Stores would only be sent x amount of copies to cover x amount of orders. I imagine that because the game title didn't contain the word Mario or Pokemon, that they decided to only give it the bare minimum of attention - I had only heard of this game through GiantBomb and when a customer asked for it I didnt associate the title they were asking for with this game, but placed their order for it anyway - only just made the connection now. 
EB Games uses the same POS system as gamestop and 'D-Status'd' means that the supplier cannot provide any more additional copies of the game. 
Whether it was the distributer or the EB Games/Gamestops buyers (the people who decide how many units the company will buy) I have no idea.

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@Eristocrat said:
" Companies should really let you know if saves will be valuable a lot more than a month before the sequel comes out.  I've still got my Dead Space save on my PS3 but there are plenty of games I've rented whose saves I've cleared out. "
You never bought their game - why would they care?
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Talking to me?
I closed eyes and drew a justice cat.

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