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god bless giant bomb

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can't wait for this to use Yahoo! fantasy so i can tell in true real time just how terribly my team is doing.

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Isn't the tragedy implied? Do we need to put it in the headline? Are we so dumb we need someone spell it out in big bold letters? HEY FUCKERS BE SAD!!! Maybe put the actual dude's name in the headline. This is why I don't watch/read the news.

Blessings to his friends and family.

do you have aspergers

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#VGCW #hype

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so basically halo

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@ZookZoltn said:

We must have a Triple H's hair memorial livestream. Have his hair live on in all of our hearts.

This needs to happen. Twitch stream of Jeff playing every wrestling game with Triple H in it ever.

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PS3 is looking like the better console each day.

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Too bad Trials is the better game.

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"For the statisticians among us, Ubisoft notes that shooters make up 30% of the industry, while driving games make up 8%. This explains, the company noted, why Ubisoft will be more shooter focused in coming years."

So, wouldn't you want to make a racing game and market the shit out of it and be slightly unique and make more money, rather than dump an indistinguishable shitty FPS product into a sea of indistinguishable shitty FPSs in an oversaturated market?


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