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Really sorry to hear about your experiences with the 1% of the internet.

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@lovespuds: I like your outlook on things. Much of what you write is the same for germany.

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I have never been this sad about someone passing away that I didn't know in person.

My condolences to his family, the team and everyone else who feels the lost.

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I have the same issue, only sometimes it takes more like 45 seconds. Then again, my laptop is slow.

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I second my fellow germanmen, we do tip, maybe not in franchised Fast food joints, but definitely in bars and most definitely in restaurants.

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Hej Duders,

does anybody know anything about an EU release on XBLA? I can't find any information on the internet.

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That was really interesting, thanks Patrick.

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@Daveyo520 said:

Now all that is needed next is Bayonetta 2 to somehow come out on other things.


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I just learned from a German newssite that a man who calls himself "Ryan Davis" was working undercover in the German neo-Nazi scene, then went rogue and founded the German arm of the Ku-Klux-Clan. The officials only found out about this by accident. In 2003 he left the Ku-Klux-Clan and became chief witness telling the police all about the organisation.

If you know german you can read up on this: http://www.sueddeutsche.de/politik/ku-klux-klan-und-verfassungsschutz-doppeltes-spiel-im-kapuzen-kostuem-1.1592532-2

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I hadn't wachted Gremlins in...two decades probably and then the other day I stumbled upon it just to experience the glory of that dialog. Holy shit.