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In most games, I usually end up picking the "Good Guy" choices the first time through. Mass Effect is the only series where I play as Renegade the first time through. I think it's because it's not necessarily the "EVIL" choice, but more so the "I do whatever it takes to get the job done." approach that is really appealing to me.

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I've stopped playing it and thinking about cancelling my subscription for now. Falling into the same routine as with every other MMO I've played (not playing as often and end up paying for something I stopped using) Same as Jeff, never much of an MMO guy, got to Hoth with my Bounty Hunter, and just lost my motivation to keep playing. I think the most amount of time I've spent playing the game was the one week I got off from work.

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@WeepingWillow said:

@MooseyMcMan: These usually go up around 12:00 Pacific.

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I would say like 99% of my game purchases are done at Frys Electronics or through Amazon. The 1% is Gamestop when there is some sort of exclusive DLC code for pre-order blah blah blah, otherwise I would avoid the place like the plague.

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I just recently watched my brother play through the REmake and that was a very SOLID game. So I'm going to voice the same opinion as everyone else here, I would have loved to see a remake of RE2 and RE3 in the same vein.

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Sweet, I got like 1700 points. I was gonna buy ITSP and Fruit Ninja Kinect tonight anyways, so this is a very nice surprise. I completely forgot that I signed up for that rewards program.

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@FlyingRat said:
" Gameplay in Just Cause 2 is awesome, but i could not care less about the shitty story.  "
You know now that you mentioned it, I guess I can put Just Cause 2 up there as well. I beat it recently and I can't remember a single thing about the story at all, I ended up just skipping most of the cutscenes about halfway through it. I sure as hell can remember those accents though... "DAH REA-PAHS".
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One of my guilty pleasures is the Dynasty Warriors series. There's something gratifying about running into a huge group of enemies and just decimating them. When I had started with Dynasty Warriors 2, I actually watched through each of the opening cutscenes and endings. However, with each sequel in the series though and it's spin-offs, I just stopped caring about the story since it's just got weirder and uninteresting, and ended up just skipping every single story element in the game, just so I can go straight to the action. I only do this with the Dynasty/Samurai Warriors series.
Are there any games that you enjoy playing, but just absolutely can't stand the story or cutscenes?

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Deadly Premonition - There were parts of the game that were not that great (like those enemies that stick to the wall and you would have to shoot a billion bullets into them in order to go into the next section and BEHOLD, another one of them and repeat OR the driving sections where you would have to drive that woman with the pot home), but I still love the game even with those flaws.
Alpha Protocol - A lot of people didn't like this game, but I loved playing through it. I didn't have any problems with aiming and firing my guns like others have experienced (most likely because I was going down the stealthy handgun agent type), but this was one game that really did a great job with making choices that would matter throughout the game. It wasn't clear cut GOOD or EVIL choices like Mass Effect, it was more about the choosing between the needs of the many or the needs of the few.

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Cool. I already bought it on XBLA and Steam, maybe a 3rd time...?

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