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I have a really good friend of mine who is really interested in learning to play video games with me. Her brother plays a lot and so do I and she feels like it might be something that she can at least talk to her brother about and give them more of a connection. Not to mention that she's interested in some of the games I talk about.

She's about 40 and use to really love the SNES back when that was a thing. She's seen me play stuff like Shadow of Mordor, From the Depths, and Dead Rising 3 and she enjoys it. She loves watching movies all the time. Her favorite genre is sci-fi and she also really loves big explosion action movies.

I think that I'll have to start out with something that requires a more of a simple control setup, probably 2D. I think a co-op game would help her retain interest and not get too frustrated/bored as well.

I know that this question gets asked sort of often, but I figured this was specific enough and with enough extra information that it warranted a post.

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Holy crap, thank you guys. I'm sorry for disappearing, ended up being stolen away and have been couch surfing the last week. I'm going to be bookmarking this post for when I actually have a computer to play on next week! :3

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What are some good games that encourage the player to take real life notes?

I suppose I might also add "Use the manual as reference material"
Good example is the Ultima series which requires that the player know how to use the map and find coordonates, as well as use the manual to cast any magic at all (proper regents etc). I really do feel immersed into those games when I play them because they ask that of me.

I also really enjoyed Freelancer for similar reasons, taking down notes of what resources bought and sold for at different stations. I got bored of it after a bit, but it was a fun detour in the game to go down.

Fez is obviously one, but there was basically a whole bombcast about that. I don't mind older game recommendations, but if there is any newer games that have a similar demand incorporated then I'd love to hear it.

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Will buy

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@PrivateIronTFU said:

Oh, right. Now I remember why I've been coming to this website less and less.

Yea :\

I really love the site, the community...just damn.

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Thank you so much for the post Brad! I really love Giant Bomb and I get crazy excited when I get to read an article about SCII on here.

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@Toxeia said:

Would be nice to say "Our friends over at Giantbomb spent some time with the Vita, here are the highlights." I haven't looked at the offending footage, but this feels like the bullshit on tumblr where people post comics by other people and remove the watermark and give no credit meaning no one ever finds the person that made the content they enjoy.

This... *coughiraffirusecough*

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@benspyda said:

@Asrahn: I guess Blizzard have put more resources into the StarCraft multiplayer than their fiction.

This, and there's nothing wrong with it for me.

As for 40k, I love the fiction, and goddamn love the Tyrannids. I know this is going to sound crazy, but I actually have an easier time with the rationality of certain things in the 40k universe, whereas with SC I get taken aback at how limited everything is. Overall, space marines (sc) are a watered down version of Space Marines... (40k) and I think anyone can draw about a dozen different crossovers. As games though? I find starcraft to be more fun.

No matter what, the races of 40k are fleshed out better, make more sense (I don't want to go into it, but I've had hours of discussion about this), and really draw far more shades of color and emotion than starcraft ever will. Now, when it comes down "drawing on more personal relationships than 40k", you simply aren't very familiar with the 40k universe....

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@MoseSSesoM said:

PS2 box art (cropped)


All damn day.

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@Branthog: Whoa, I think we have the exact same community of friends o,O

I have two people in common with her