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Slapshot Face - Xbox One, Eastern Time

Hope im not too late to the party.

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The red dead redemption DLC Undead Nightmare was great if your in the mood for some old fashioned zombie movie feel.

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I dont really see how they could take the game to Asia though. Aren't these guys all supposed to be related in some way. I just feel like there approaching modern day quick and these guys would have shown some Asian looking characteristics had they somehow made it over to japan. please correct me if my interpretation of the story is wrong and these guys are not in fact related.

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I played entirely too much SOCOM 2, it was all so exciting back then.

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@Dark_Lord_Spam: I kinda feel like starting a pro-bowling thread, we are clearly underrepresented on Giant Bomb

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yea, whats sad is that this is absolutely nothing, considering they find whole cargo crates filled with assorted dismembered limbs. I knew a guy who worked for the DEA who found a cargo crate with body parts perfectly stacked on top of each other all organizes with legs and abdomens and hands. They said there was possibly 200 dead. There really another kind those cartels.

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I wish i could bring myself to, but i'm afraid not. I looks like something i could actually really enjoy, but at the same time it all just looks so weird.

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1. American Psycho

2. The Godfather part 1

3. My Cousin Vinny

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I'd love to put Vinny, cause hes just seems like an awesome person, But I had to say Dave because i think if i had a choice to meet any of these guys, id want to meet Dave most of all.

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The late nineties had some awesome music, and if you include the entire 90's, there was that much more. To name some of the more popular ones. PearlJam, Faith No More, Primus, Radiohead, Rage Against the Machine, just to name a few. I know the people that said the 90's music sucked weren't including all bands, i believe they had MANY, MANY, more good bands than are around today. If i were old enough to go to these concerts in the 90's i would have killed to do so.