The 50 N64 Games That I Decided Were All The N64 I Wanted To Own!

When the Nintendo 64 reached the end of it's lifespan, I found that my collection of N64 games (that interested me) was almost complete. In the following months, after the death of the N64, I managed to fill the holes in that collection.

Good or bad, these are (in no particular order) those games.

Note: Looking back, I missed out on a number of key titles (Paper Mario, or Sin and Punishment, for example) that simply weren't available to me at the time. This was due to either incredibly limited retail runs, or the fact that they were Japanese-only titles.

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Posted by TehFlan

I think I may have just accidentally down-voted your list, so I apologize for that.

Posted by LimpingFish
@TehFlan:  No problem.
Posted by Mento

I resent never picking up Paper Mario or Banjo Tooie, but for some reason they remained full price when the N64 died and I never felt they worth that much. Maybe it's like how a painter's artwork becomes more valuable when they kick the bucket. It could also be that game stores just suck at pricing things. I'll leave it to the philosophers to decide. Upped for DKR, Mystical Ninja and Hybrid Heaven, but you're missing Space Station Silicon Valley. Where's your love for robotic animal hijinks, sir?

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Well, I don't think I could even go that far at this point. There are maybe a dozen or so N64 games that I could ever care about having in my collection, and maybe with the exception of Conker's Bad Fur Day I have pretty much all of them. Mostly because somehow BFD is still selling for $35 at my local shady game pawnshop and I'd rather get the N64 version with the authentic presentation and cursing. 
Also, there is an odd lack of DK64 on this list, unless I overlooked it. Despite being the worst of Rare's 3D platformers, it's still a solid game.... albeit a solid game with overly large environments and way too many stupid minigames. Wait, no Banjo Tooie either? Now you're just being mean.