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The game's opening sequence.

Doom 64 is a first-person shooter developed and published by Midway for the Nintendo 64 on April 1, 1997. Unlike other console ports of the Doom series, Doom 64 features all-new original content (including 32 new levels and redone graphics). While most of the enemies and weapons remain the same, the game includes new enemies (such as the Nightmare Imp) and new weapons (such as the Unmaker, a powerful laser whose power can be increased by finding each of three ancient artifacts hidden in secret stages throughout the game). Certain enemies were left out of the game as a matter of saving space on the cartridge, these were the Commando, Arch-Vile, Spider Mastermind, and the Revenant. The game carried over the music and sound effects from the Playstation version of the Ultimate Doom, which were far more atmospheric and ambient compared to the rock and heavy metal music composed for the earlier games by Bobby Prince.


The game takes place after the events of Doom II: Hell on Earth, after a nameless space marine wiped out the demons on Earth. While bombarding the bases on Phobos and Deimos with extreme radiation (in hopes of killing off the remaining demons there), the military failed to notice a mysterious entity slipping through (which began to resurrect all demons it came across, making them stronger as a result). As the only soldier with any experience in dealing with the demon hordes, the player is sent back to these bases with orders to wipe out this entity and the hellish demons once and for all.

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