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I was lucky enough to see this demo at PAX. 
They only showed one driving sequence, and it was your partner doing the driving. Towards the end of the sequence there was a parked car in the right lane, and was sticking out of the lane just a little bit, but the AI did not try to avoid it and side-swiped it which drew some laughs. 
It seems like they're also using the Euphoria physics. Based on the one fist fight that was shown and the ridiculous way the people fell from getting hit, kind of looked like drunk GTA4 boxing. 
Other than that I can't wait for this game. It's like a mash-up of GTA and Phoenix Wright.

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YES!! *pumps fists*

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" @JayDubya said:


                    Have been burned too many times on GTA / Rockstar games. I just don't like these type of games and therefore haven't even tried RDR. It could be great but I couldn't care less.  I also like Jeff and Brad but like Vinnie best (who doesn't?)


Might want to fix the "couldn't".    
Why fix what isn't broken?
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I liked both, but the scale tips in favor of Red Dead. They're essentially the same game if you strip them down, but I loved the story and setting of RDR.
GTA IV was also the first GTA game that I finished to completion.

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Playfire is also a European site and, at least in the past, used to have you log in to to pull your data. 
Also SCEE seems to be more open with letting people access their PSN stuff. I believe they even released an official iOS/Android app for trophy data in Europe. 
In any case, I haven't been to Playfire in a while. Last time I went was shortly after Sony pulled the plug on everybody the first time and they claimed to have it back, but they were only linking to Sony's site. 
I'd like to check out how they're handling the trophy data now.

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Gotta love Google's ads  
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In my opinion the games haven't been *that* great. They mostly seem to skew towards smaller PSN titles (Critter Crunch, Shatter, and Digger HD are a few I remember seeing for free). 
Some of them are great, like Shatter and Wipeout HD, but others aren't (I personally would've paid full price for Stacking so I was more than happy to get it for free). There are also the occasional discounts exclusive to Plus members.  
For me, I like the lower barrier to entry on checking out games outside of my comfort zone.
The other things they offer are free episodes of Qore, avatars, and themes. Lately there's also been a trend of getting early access to demos (Killzone 3 and Yakuza 4 being the most recent examples.) There was also that rumor that they might be offering cloud storage of game saves.
Right now it doesn't seem all that hot, but Sony is still figuring out what they want to do with the service.

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Say it ain't so! *sadface*

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All I know of Battlefield is what I learned from BC2. Should I be excited? 
Also, I like jets ( ^ - ^  )

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Maybe I should crack open that copy of Demon's Souls