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It needs to be Tremor, but it'll probably be either: Robo-Smoke, who was heavily hinted at before release; or Tanya who can be seen in Shao Kahn's Kolosseum when playing Test Your Luck.  Mind you, if you were going to include every character fighting in the backgrounds of MK9, you'd also include Frost, Reiko and I think the other one is Daegon?  There's also the guys who appear in some of the Ladder endings - Havik, Bo Rai Cho and Shujinko.  At least, I think Shujikno's in there somewhere...  Also, if you were going down the Evil Ryu route, Zombie Liu Kang would be the most likely added fighter - and he's shown lying dead with the other warriors at the start of MK9.
Anyhoo, I'd love to see Tremor.

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Bit disappointed the DLC's not coming out every week like I'd heard, but whatever.  I thought Kenshi would've been faster than this, but he looks like fun regardless.
Anyone know what's happening with costumes for these DLC guys?  I heard Skarlett only has the one costume at this point.

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Maybe I just don't get it, but it seems utterly stupid and/or lazy for any developer to put quick-time events in a game because all they have to do is make the cutscene they were going to make anyway and then put button prompts in when the character does something.  Honestly, I would rather just watch the cutscene.  Quick time events just get on my nerves.
One of the reasons I loved Ninja Gaiden 2 was because it let you play sections of the game that would've been cutscenes if it were Devil May Cry and QTE's if it were God of War.  Ninja Gaiden 2 was more of a 'game' than it was anything else, and I'm incredibly disappointed to hear that they're taking the sequel away from that concept.

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I'm a little surprised that nothing's been done at this point and the game's nearly been out two months.
Every game I play has been laggy to the point of being simply unwinnable.  I can't time combos whatsoever because the lag affects my button presses.  If I get through someone's guard, my reactions don't even matter because whatever I press a button, the action happens 2 or 3 seconds after I've pressed it.
What's even worse is I feel like my singleplayer skills don't mean shit and there's no way I can prove otherwise.

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Oh hell yes

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I don't really see how this game is all that offensive - everything looks like it works fine, and I reckon I'm gonna pick this up when it gets a little cheaper.
Sure, this isn't on the same level as something like Portal 2 - and as a result, it's questionable whether it should cost as much - but it doesn't seem necessarily bad...  besides the part where it broke.

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@Treythalomew said:
" This is crazy talk. If there was any indication that they could have gotten any personal info/CC then they should have said something day one or day two. "
They claim that they released this info as soon as they found it - although, is it worse that they held on to this data for a week, or that it took Sony's entire network team a week to discover this in the first place?

Not like there's any good news at all, at this point.
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Forward, Down, Forward, Y from sweep is Sub Zero's retro

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If I may insult the game developers for a moment, this looks to be a combination of Monster Hunter, The Elder Scrolls and Legendary.

I'm not really digging the design for the dragon in the trailer, it doesn't really look particularly 'western' or 'eastern' - if you know what I mean - and doesn't look as badass as a dragon should, to me.

I'll have to keep my eye on this.  Ideally, a multiplayer beta will arise at some point.  I've been craving for a 360/Ps3 multiplayer Monster Hunter for a long time, and this looks like it could be what I'm looking for.

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@FancySoapsMan said:
" @Hailinel said:

" @psylah said:

" A Permanent Injunction will require George Hotz to refrain from doing something, as ordered by the court.In some tech-related cases, it's not unusual to have an injunction that requires someone to refrain from using devices that use processors (computers).It's a fate worse than death, I'd say. "
So depending on whatever this permanent injunction is related to, it could simply destroy Hotz? "

"Geohot, a.k.a George Hotz has finally found some space to breathe. Both SONY and Hotz have come to an agreement on a settlement, with Hotz accepting a permanent injunction against his development activities on the PS3."

Doesn't sound that bad.

Wait, didn't all this start with Hotz' development activites on the PS3?  Didn't this court case serve as a philosophical battleground, rather than a legal one?  Wasn't this all about the nature of ownership?

Ah, forget it.
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