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I have the Razer Naga. Not only are the buttons handy but it is also comfortable. When I play Heroes of Newerth, I map the item slots to the mouse so they are easily accessible.

I definitely recommend it if you are going to be using the side buttons a lot. If not, the Razer Deathadder is a good alternative.

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It's really weirding me out, it also looks really silly. I prefer the old one.

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Better late than never, sign me up.

PSN ID = Kroggy5

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It's still not out in Europe, or at least Norway which is a huge bummer. Anyone know when it does come out?

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What about -esque? Can I still say esque?

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@BPRJCTX said:

@TobbRobb said:

Dunno about Portugal, but in Sweden we usually get a "Nordic Edition" with all the preorder stuff, for the same price as the base game.

Nordic Edition?!

Holy shit, that just sounds fuckin' awesome!!!

I want that now!!!


Yes, i'm playing as a nord in Skyrim, but that has nothing to do with it!!!

I don't think there is a Nordic Edition of this game, at least not on Norway. It seems like all of the Norwegian stores including have the Eddie and Mt.Fuji pack.

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I made a Spotify playlist containing all the songs from OP's list with the exceptions of those I couldn't find.

Here is a link to the playlist

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It is my favorite video game franchise of all time. I'm gonna buy the collection as soon as it comes out here.

Then, I will find out if it is all just nostalgia or actually a good game.

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Song number 4 in video A is Nathan Drakes theme from Uncharted 1, 2 and 3

They are a bit different in every one but not enough for me to tell.

A1 is from World of Warcraft, but can't remember where.