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I didn't buy a 3DS at launch. If you're not sure why, then you can read my blog from February 2011. I bought Ocarina of Time for 3DS before I had the system in order to get the soundtrack from Club Nintendo. Then, when the price dropped in August 2011, Walmart dropped the price early, which allowed me to get the system at a discount and still get the 20 free "Ambassador" games on Virtual Console. I couldn't pass up that deal since I knew I'd be buying the system sometime by the end of the year anyway.


  • Nintendo 3DS - Cosmo Black
  • Nintendo 3DS XL - Animal Crossing Edition

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Posted by ObsideonDarman

I take it "completed" means you've finished the game? (sorry for what may sound like a dumb question)

Posted by Marino

@obsideondarman: No, "complete" refers to that I have the box, manual, etc. (i.e. not just the cartridge). The new "Add to List" button doesn't give an option to add a comment, so some of them don't have anything on them. I'll fix that now.

Posted by ObsideonDarman