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As a 3DS owner and a Monster Hunter Tri fan, I think this control stick add on looks HIDEOUS. It makes the 3DS look more like the Atari Lynx.

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@Castiel: Part three is coming today!

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@Milkman: We're planning on branching out to some games that didn't make our initial list. Literally. A Branch will shoot out with the name of the game carved into it!

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New episode today! Stay tuned!

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What will the world be like in 16 years? According to Deus Ex: Human Revolution, it will look... well, mostly like right now. The only difference is that everyone will have iPads and will have robot parts that let them do some sweet flips.

More Deus Ex: Human Revolution videos in the days to come!

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Steve and I are done playing Resident Evil 1. We have vanquished our fear! This game can't scare us! And so, as we emerge from the darkness of the recording room and into the light of an empty office, Steve and I take some time out to reflect on playing Resident Evil 1 for the first time.

Just a quick correction to the video; though we indicate otherwise in this recording, the game we are actually playing next is F,E,A,R 1! Not Condemned 1 (that comes later.) Stay tuned this weekend for new episodes!

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Stay tuned for episodes this weekend!.

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I approve of this poll 1000%.

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@Abyssfull: Shooting that today!

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Who are these people?

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New episode already in the can and going up today! Stay tuned!