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Halloween 3: Season of the Witch is pretty neat. It has nothing to do with OG Halloween, Carpenter wanted to make an anthology series about the holiday. The second, shitty, Halloween gave them a chance to do something different with 3, but that majorly underperformed, so they went back to Michael Myers.

The first is an absolute fucking CLASSIC, though, so if you must watch one, do that one.

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I'll just say this: Running Scared with Paul Walker is a really goddamn awesome movie where he is really good in it.

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Moon and Source Code are badass and, much like Neil Blomkamp (director of District 9 and almost director of the Halo movie), I'd rather see them pump out original, cool sci-fi than stuff based on video games.

However, if it's gotta be someone, he's a good choice. I follow him on Twitter and the dude is mad into games and, well, here you go.

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Reading Patrick's write-up, it sounds like wires got crossed, and then shit went down, this could've been a mutual parting of ways, shit, now this sucks. Reading the stuff at Kotaku, the stuff from the trial, Wardell kind of sounds like a scumbag. Well...mostly, he sounds like the somewhat douchey boss who thinks everyone is a bro and is all, "Man, I slap EVERYBODY'S ass, what's YOUR problem," and then send you a "hilarious" Youtube video. And then he turns into a scumbag later when he pushes that too hard. I hate myself for finding this so interesting, but I have to keep reading!

As for not fraternizing...yeah, it depends on the person. My old boss came out drinking with us and I would invite him over for Rock Band all the time, but he was a cool dude like that. Real laid back, cursed with the best of 'em, didn't give a shit, had a good time, knew where the line was with each person, and made sure he never crossed it. Current boss? Fuck that. Don't want to hang out after work with him.

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You know, I'm ok with it being behind Gold, just make it not suck. Last iteration is laggy horseshit. Can't pick episodes unless something starts running, too few on screen, too sluggish to scroll through, no more party sucks a major amount of ass. I've basically stopped using it and just use the PS3's which is, now, VASTLY superior.

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I can feel myself being sucked into HD Wire...and I love it. 6th time through!

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Everything about this article is truth.

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I enjoyed reading this entire article. This is kind of a dumb thing, but seeing as I have no plans to purchase a 3DS, it doesn't effect me.

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And this is why I've stopped buying the AssCreed games. I rather enjoyed Brotherhood but incremental improvement each year while still charging full price? Probably why I'm not into sports games or CoD, either.

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Well written, interesting article. Thanks.

I agree with the sentiment of the reviewer, if not his actual "number" score. I get the limitations of something as hard scripted as Uncharted, but I've never had it break bad for me. Plus, the character, writing and voice work in the game is so superior to most everything else, creating actual likable characters, that I feel willing to let something like linearity pass.

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