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Once Psychonauts gets going around 2-3 levels in it's really amazing stuff, would be great to see the GB crew experience that for the first time.

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@counterclockwork87: I'm from NYC and I've never heard or seen this Doighnut Plant. There's a Dunkin Donuts around like every corner though and they make decent stuff on the go. You just need to go to a larger one cause the small ones like right next to union square are terrible and always have old donuts and burnt coffee.

You should try Doughnut Plant, they're really good for fancy handmade doughnuts with ice cream sounding flavors. There's one in Chelsea and LES. It's a little tacky and I don't make a habit of it, but worth having at some point.

Dunkin won't ever be mistaken for fine dining but it's fast and dependable for breakfast on the go, and yes they're everywhere in NYC. Not surprised they're expanding to other countries, interested to hear what the regional menu is like over there.

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Will keep subscribing for the foreseeable future, I get hours of entertainment from them each week and I like the clean, ad free site.

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Why did it have to be Yen Sid

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Should be Premium content

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I thought the thing people mostly upset about is the possibility of the Rift becoming something else. A big corporation doesn't pay 2 billion dollars for something because they thought: "hey, that's cool." And I highly doubt Facebook would make a profit if they marketed the Rift as a gaming device.

But, apparently, according to the article that's not the case, so I must be wrong.

Oculus as a company, and VR in general, was always about more than gaming - it's potential is so much greater. Even the games we do play on it will likely be fairly untraditional, or at least experiences built around the platform itself. I think that's pretty exciting, not upsetting.

Thanks Patrick for articulating the emotional reaction lots of folks had to this news, including myself. Part of me thinks this deal cements VR as a viable platform for the future on a grand scale. The emotional part of me is lamenting over the fact that the next potential Apple and Steve Jobs just sold their brilliant product to today's equivalent of IBM, distorted and co-opted by big business before ever leaving the homebrew phase. Lots of what ifs when you consider our history if Jobs and Woz didn't have the chutzpah to do it themselves. I sincerely hope it all works out in the long run, and in a slightly less dystopian manner than Mr. Fish surmises if at all possible. VR is still really cool, no matter who is bankrolling it.

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Missed most of the first segment but thought last night was up there with the best of Giant Bomb live shows with industry folk and alcohol, maybe the best. Normally I find them a little tough to watch but there was solid chemistry between guests in each segment this time, and the segments kept on coming - great balance between nonsense and real talk, GB vets and newcomers, plus no one was stupid drunk except for Lang (which made it even better). Jeff really held it down hosting the whole thing, being funny and introducing topics without getting in the way.

Highlights were Phil Fish's VR evangelism and Patrick/Jeff ganging up on him to make another game, getting into that Buckfast, an hour of Giant Thumbscast/Dota Tonight, honest but fair F2P discussion between devs with some real weight behind it, Valve office stories and the entire final segment of midwestern heavy hitters. If chat was working and Boyes showed up for the end it'd have been just about perfect. Good show!

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They can hire me, I do video editing/production and live encoding for a living and want a new job. Plus we had our Tricaster stolen a few years back and I'm itching to play with one again. Where do I sign?

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I hit up a McDonalds at the airport every once in a while. Sausage biscuit, hash browns and coffee breakfast, 2 hamburger meal no cheese otherwise. Don't really mess with the rest of the menu anymore.

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I realize this is an old thread, but for the OP and any others curious about getting into Scotch, Bourbon and Whiskey in general I suggest doing what me and some friends did. We started up a Whiskey club, where once a month a person hosts and the guests all contribute $25-$30 bucks for the menu. Host picks a theme, the bottles and some snacks and a good night is had by all with as much emphasis placed on the discussion as the debauchery (host usually prepares a presentation of sorts for education purposes).

Over time you learn quite a bit about the drink that way, bottles you might like to own yourself, and what to look out for at bars once you know what you like. I'd hardly consider myself an expert but we've been doing this for nearly 3 years on a close to monthly basis and it's been a fun and rewarding journey.

I'd also suggest the absolutely wonderful series of Whiskey reviews done by Ralfy on YouTube, he's a great educator and has lots to say about just about every dram under the sun at this point. Great if you're looking for more info on a particular brand or bottle.

As far as suggestions for newcomers and all-time favorites - Macallan, Balvenie, Glenrothes and Tomintoul are all nice, sweet malts from Speyside that are easy on the palate. Can't go wrong with a Redbreast 12 if you want the Irish stuff. For a little more complexity I enjoy a Highland Park, Aberlour A'bunadh, Ardmore or Springbank, some international brands like Amrut and Hibiki are worth checking out as well. My favorites are the peaty beasts of Islay, though - Lagavulin, Laphroaig and anything by Ardbeg. Especially the Uigeadail, which is still probably my all time favorite.

Bourbon has a narrower window for flavor profiles and I prefer the single malts above but there's still some bottles out there I swear by - Noah's Mill, Bookers, Michters, Eagle Rare (RIP RTD), Four Roses and of course the ever elusive but transcendent Pappy Van Winkle. Hope this proves useful to some folks, happy drinking!