I Am Not A Number

Everyone on this list is a number.

OK, maybe that's not quite true. Being designated as a number is considered to be quite dehumanizing, the resulting lack of empathy of those designated as numbers leading to some quite dire atrocities in our collective history. Generally, people with numbers for names are in the search for their original identities or are eager to escape the oppressive bureaucracy that has named them such. Sometimes they're just robots though. Really, either's a cool starting point for a sci-fi-themed game.

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Posted by ZombiePie

Did you know that there are totally a series of video game based off of The Prisoner? The more you know!

Posted by ShadowVirus

Nice list, I thought you had forgotten Zero from 9 hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors but seeing as its just you haven't played it yet that makes sense, but you should totally play that game, it's fantastic!

Posted by Brackynews

I do recommend you avoid the 999 character pages for spoilers. The game page is currently safe though. Seemed to be the best way to go about things, though I tried to prod the other editors for help. Spoiler blocks in the new wiki design would be welcome.

The 999 characters relevant to this list are: Zero, Santa, Seven. Their names are actually numbers, and not metaphorically based on numbered things. (June doesn't mean 6, for example.)

If you add Ace and Snake, I'll be forced to stage a Snake Eyes filibuster. []()