Things In Dark Souls That Have Killed Me So Far

All in the title. Dark Souls is a mean old meanie mistress of meanness.

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Posted by Yummylee

I don't even know what you'd classify them, but those large hyena skeletons or whatever the shitting fuck that hang in the Tomb of Giants... they'd take up every spot of my list. Also I totally beat down some Hot Clerical Justice against the bell tower gargoyles on my first try. <3 In fact I beat a lot of the bosses on my first attempt.. ironically enough it's the sub-bosses that would prove to be most taxing, hell some standard enemies were tougher. Like those giant Mushroom people who wore a constant expression of grimace =X

Great list, btw!

Posted by ahoodedfigure

I should make a Tales of Maj'Eyal list along similar lines. It'd depress me going back over the list, though. No retries...