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Sounds like a good concept, even if it did sounded a little silly. I've never heard of a MMO that hasn't had a good launch.

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I've experienced lag on some servers but for the most part everyone never has less than 100 ping so it all evens out somehow. I have a feeling the ping is misleading on the PC. Hitboxes are fine as it is. Map design was definitely a problem but that's because BF:BC2 was developed for consoles so almost all the maps were linear and that created chokepoints (so yes terrible maps were bound to happen). Joystick control does also suck monkeyballs, it feels like I'm drunk driving when I use my 360 controller flying a helicopter on the PC, which wasn't really the case on consoles. 
Eh. We'll see. Also everything I mentioned about was BF:BC2. I have not played the alpha.

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IE9 is pretty slow... though the previous versions were even worse.

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Looks really cool and unique. Less humane to my disappointment, but I guess I'll have to slide since it looks much different than what most developers would create as "grass people" (which is basically green skinned people with some leaves slapped on).

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This thread is going to shit, you guys.

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Can't believe something like this would happen in London...

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Advance Wars & Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald

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@StarvingGamer said:


Nahhh man, Sage is the next best thing to San.
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The Amulet is basically what kept San alive for a brief time in the GSLs, because he was basically purchasing storms to defend his expos. It was slightly overpowered, even though I thought HTs were way more awesome than Colossi.

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I don't play Diablo for its single player, so I'm fine with it.