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@Keith_Games: I was thinking about an SS for my PS3 but I feel that they still too expensive for what they are offering. 
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@LiquidPrince said:
" I'm stoked for it. I loved Origins. I love Mass Effect more. Dragon Age more like mass effect is amazing. "
Disagree. Those two franchises need to stay apart from each other. Mixing them up would make sure the identity of both would be compromised. I can't really see how a dungeon crawler would work if they are going to have the extremely linearity of ME2 level design.  
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@LiquidPrince said:
" It's partly Microsoft's fault for using fucking points instead of just reall money. "
but there's no way he can add point to his account without knowing he was charging it to his mom's card. Frankly it's lack of proper parenting for not A. Making sure she knew about her son's shopping spree because of lack of supervision (yes kids that age need it) and B. for not fully explaining and educating the kid as to the value of money.
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@Tennmuerti: So no real change there then. 
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I actually more worried about what Brad said on the bombcast how the levels looked too linear like ME2. I don't like how they turned the combat into Hack N' Slash but I guess the pause n' play still there. it just seems like they are removing many features I loved about the first one. I just don't know about BioWare anymore. Seems like they are moving into the more action hackie slashie RPG then the games that made them what they are. 

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How many were there in the first one? I can't remember for the life of me. I am rather surprised Bioware are not giving players the option to be multi class given their heavy DnD past. 

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@RiotBananas said:

" I give up, I'm going on Killing Floor. I don't care what you think about what I said anymore, consider this a rage quit.  "

You should have expected it when you shared your opinion with everyone. SOmetimes some opinions need to be kept to one self. Not saying you are wrong or calling you names but I think you learned the hard way that some issues people feel pretty strong about and sometimes they need to be kept save for people you feel close to.  While I don't share your views has I have seen a close friend whither to cancer I understand where your view point comes from. The last week he was alive all he wanted to do was to play Bushido Blade one more time. I had to move his fingers for him because he was so weak. That's what he wanted and that's what he got. 
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@melcene said:
" Miranda.  Available to females.  (actually, I woulda preferred Jack in ME2, but ah well, not an option.) "
I knew I wasn't the only one with hots for Jack. 
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@Leakster said:
" Will this game have Mike Patton? "
I know right. No Mike Patton=no go. LOL. I swear the guy has the most versatile vocal range I've ever heard.  
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@Wiseblood said:
" @Mordukai said:

  EDIT: You DON'T have to buy that DLC in order to use this. The DLC just gives you an early access to it "

The non-DLC Detonator isn't free, and you sell items back at half their original value.  EDIT: The Detonator costs 8,000.  You sell it back for 4,000.  3 mines sell for 600. "
Ohh yeah...thanks for the update.