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@Abyssfull said:
" @Enigma777 said:
" Hopefully you can pause the game this time... I'm tired of holding it in till I get to the end of the level! "
I doubt there'll be a pause mechanic, but instead they'll allow you set up your ''base'' as they kept referring it, which'll likely be your camp or something. Should predictably keep you safe so you can do whatever it is you would of done if the game was paused. "
I usually won't go around quoting Yahtzee but I feel there's no better of saying it..."Pause?! Real gamers have no life!" 
All I am dreading is that now From has the time to make an updated version of Maneater and an even harder Swamp level. YAY!!!!! World 5 in general made want to punch a baby. 
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@Axxol: At least you'll get to say that a video game let you build a bomb from lettuce, 2by4, and yarn. 
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@Verb4tim said:
" @WinterSnowblind said:

" I'd agree with this, but then why did they put so much effort into releasing the game on the PS3 to the point where it's actually running on a new engine?  They could have done a quick port (that probably would have run better) and called it a day.  They obviously thought this was going to do better. "

Well what i have gathered, there really is no new engine. They just tweaked the already existing one. I think with the "new engine" and all the DLC that they have added to the package, they are just trying to justify the high price for it. "
in other words, or a word, Marketing!
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@FancySoapsMan said:
" there is no such thing as good canned chili "
HEAR HEAR! The best chili is the one you make. 
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@Jace said:
" @Mordukai said:
" @Jace: How much you wanna bet the PC community will still find stuff to bitch about and blame consoles for ruining "their" game.   PS:  How exactly did DICE fucked up BFBC2? "
Mordukai, you're probably right sort of. But, DICE can make most happy. Generally, PC gamers have been estactic about the little info they've already released.  Dice fucked up bc2 because they failed to appeal to the pc community in any way. Low player cap, shallow sp, guns didnt feel right, no scale, barely had vehicles.  It was a console game. They might as well have left it there. "
Not gonna argue about your second point but can you imagine the backlash from the PC community if it BC2 was consoles only? Probably worse. I can still remember their bitching when 1943 didn't make it to the PC. Don't forget though that now many console players will be way more interested in BF3 because of BC2 and that's great. 
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@Jace: How much you wanna bet the PC community will still find stuff to bitch about and blame consoles for ruining "their" game.  
PS:  How exactly did DICE fucked up BFBC2?
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@hexx462 said:
" Krogans have Wrex, advantage Krogans.  
@Mordukai said:
" @Abyssfull: @fearthephins: The Ironic thing is that Michael Dorn does the voice work for one of the Krogan characters in Mass Effect 2. If you don't know who Michael Dorn is then he is the guy who played Worf.  "
That's great I didn't know that, you have to love Bioware for things like that. There's no way that wasn't a completey intentional choice. Since Krogans  clearly pay homage to Klingons. "
They also had Marina Sirtis do the voice work for Matriarch Benezia in the first Mass Effect.
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@Abyssfull: How can you have a title like that and not include this?  
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You know guys. I really hate to bring old issues here but as far as I recall when Gears came not many of those same reviewers complained about the shitty story and when gears 2 came out they still didn't really say anything when that game's storyline turned out to be a pile of garbage. I am starting to think reviewers are just a bunch overly critical, hypocrites ass holes who just could make it as game designers so they picked the nest best thing (no offense to the GB crew). I know I am going to play the all living shit out of this game and that's what really matters. 

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@Bucketdeth: It kinda sucks that they say that the story is awful seeing how the major weak point of Killzone 2 was the story and GG have said many times that one of the first things they did was improve the story. Then again you can say that about every CoD game since CoD 4. Granted I wasn't going to expect a System Shock 2/Bioshock level of story but tstill I was thinking they will improve on that given the rich background they gave that whole universe.