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The Journal of a Man Who Never Played Dota:

Day 1

I have never played Dota.

The End.

Sorry, couldn't resist the cheap pun. Even though I have never played Dota and never intend to, I found your journal entertaining none the less.

I had an interest in it once but the general negative feedback people have said about the Dota player community made sure I will never try it. I dislike to generalize but it seems a lot of people in the Dota community come from planet taking it too seriously. Probably also because I have a general distain when something that was meant as an entertainment and enjoyment becomes this beast were people just lose all perspective.

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Maybe now @patrickklepek will also give Demon's Souls a chance. Seems to be that the crew finally decided to give that game a second chance. Good on @brad for not being closed minded about it.

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Poor story, crappy dialogue, bad art design, bad level design, cheap tie in to DAO. In my opinion, DA2 is where Bioware lost it.

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@amyggen: You misunderstood me. I did not say that everyone that disagrees is hero worshipping them, but you can't deny the amount of dick responses every time someone voices a compliant or a criticism directed at the staff. I also been with this site since it was just a blog site, though it took me a while to become active with the community. I always appreciate how they didn't just talk about video games and their love to review soft drinks but I at least they were still game focused. This is still a gaming site and I know how it works and they basically do what they want but in the past year I just lost interest in the bombcast as the casual talk was getting more and more air time. As such I just stopped getting interested in it and eventually stopped listening.

I guess I just didn't voice my complaint because I knew exactly what the response would be. Probably also because I also stopped consuming actual content from this site.

In short I just think that every time someone registers their complaint, criticism, or disagreement inevitably most responses would be the usual "go look for game coverage somewhere else".

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Your complaint is pretty much the main reason I stopped listening to bombcast. It just seems to shift away from actual game talk to just a bunch of people sitting around talking about various bullshit. I can do that with my own friends and get 100 times more enjoyment out of it.

Also, I'm sure it has been voiced before, but since Ryan passed away the bombcast has become really disjointed.

Big chance that they are just finding other interests in life. They are getting older and a lot of times people mellow down as they get older and just don't have the same hunger.

PS - Don't stress too much about the people here that tell you to go somewhere else if you want game coverage. I'm sure you've noticed that there is some serious hero worship on this web site. It's pretty much a sure thing that every criticism directed at the staff will be met with dick response even if the criticism is well put and not the usual internet anger. Frankly I don't think you should even response to those replies.

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Wow. A feature on GB that might make me give in and finally get a sub.

Nice to see that Demon's Souls is finally getting some appreciation from the main staff considering the cold, uniformed reception it got when it came out and it only took 5 years.

Next stop, Jeff. Though I think there's a bigger chance for a rock to start barking before he learns to appreciate that little niche genre.

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@tycobb said:

Rocksmith works pretty good. I wish it was around when I was actually learning to play bass 13 years ago (holy crap....).

I use for tabs. It's what the old mx-tabs site turned into.

Well I disagree with you Rocksmith view. Putting aside the fact that it's got a horrendous menu system and quite a bit of lag; rocksmith is only really good at teaching you how to play the song. That's all good and all but it doesn't take the time to teach why certain notes are played the way they are and good finger positioning as to lead you from one chord to another with minimal finger movement. In short, it's kinda shit at teaching you guitar theory which is kind of a bummer because Rocksmith could have been a great tool for that.

I will agree with you on songsterr. Great and helpful site. I don't know where they get their tabbing but it the most accurate of all the sites.

As @naru_joe93 advised. Start with a classical guitar. Your fingers will thank you. Once you get to a point where you think you are ready to move to acoustic then do that.

Play to your strength. If you see that "shredding" path is not working out too much then practice your rhythm. Not many good rhythm players out there these days. Everyone wants to be the next Yngwie Malmsteen.

Also, don't be against getting a teacher if you can afford it. Even a few sessions will teach you great information to get you jump started.

I recommend you buying this tool. Super cheap and it helps in training your fingers.

Remember, Just have fun. Don't let frustration get to you. It'll be tough at first but once you fingers get callused and you'll your muscle memory it'll become much much easier.

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I define my own sense of cool. So yes.

For some reason your statement fits perfectly with your avatar. Nice going.

I have a ton of D&D material. Also, I recently went back into the hole that's called Magic The gathering.

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No cap.

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Back in November I upgraded from a 6870 to a R9 280x and I am very happy with it. As many have said, there aren't many differences that tilt it to either Nvidia to AMD. I went with Nvidia because in my opinion, with AMD you get more for the dollar.