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@fredchuckdave: I can't argue on that point. I think it's more me lamenting the fact that huge chunk of the creativity in the game were put into a feature that I really don't have much interest in.

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Gonna take a shot in the dark here and say that most DLC for Bloodborne would come in the form on more Great Ones that will give you different Chalices upon beating them. I think they will support that more then just another stand alone dlc.

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Demon's Souls.

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So a local pizzeria decided to get some attention on them by jumping on a hot issue. I mean are we out of news that this is what people are concerned about?

Also, who would fucking serve pizza at a wedding?

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@sterling: You get the best gems/runes in the game, plus variants of weapons that enable more builds with them. You can also find Blood Rocks. Gems are insane at high levels, I mean I have a gem that adds 25% physical damage by itself. That and souls, lots of souls. Even if there were no rewards beyond souls it would still be worth doing for the challenge. Also the level design in them is better than most of the main game (and most areas in most Souls games), I'm not really sure what that says about Souls games but let's leave it at that.

As I've said on you blog. The chalice dungeons clearly shown where most of the creativity in the game went to. I can't help but feel the design team for the main game got too self absorbed into their art style that they maybe got a slight case of tunnel vision. The main game could have used a chalice dungeon or two.

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I have a few issues with the chalice dungeons.

First one is that lot of content is chalice only which makes me wonder that if they included that in later updates, maybe through a DLC, then maybe the main game would have had more distinct areas or at least had a lot more enemy variety.

Second is that they put content in the main game that directly relates to the chalices in form of bosses. While I enjoyed the areas and the boss fights, for the most part, it was rather deflating that after a rather lengthy boss fight the only thing I got from it was a chalice.

There's no doubt that a lot of care and creativity went into this feature and I applaud FromSoft for taking the time and care and not just "phoning it in" but it still failed to connect with me and frankly, I don't care much for that feature of the game. I know I am in the minority here and I am ok with it.

As far as the main game then Bloodborne to me is strange beast. I love this game. I put it right after Demon's Souls, which to me is still the best Souls game. For all the advances this game made it also took an equal amount of backward steps. However those issues do not deter from the main game but more of a "you should have known better FromSoft" kinda issues. Maybe they will fix them on future updates or DLC's which I am sure will follow.

There was another user here that summed up Bloodborne pretty well by saying that this game feels more of a side step then a step forward and that's pretty much how I feel about this game.

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@dizzyhippos: I think she would have loved to take a reduced rule, especially if it was due to call ups from NXT. AJ has been one of the very few "Divas" that would routinely go down to NXT and work angels and stories with them. She has shown nothing but great support for them.

Doesn't seem that far fetched she would retire due to being burnt out. Seems to be a recurring theme with WWE's and their divas.

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@sunbrozak: Eileen is not the one in the Grand Cathedral. It is the end of her sidequest which spawns the one in the cathedral.

If you fail to do the previous parts of her side quest before killing Rom, she will be the NPC you have to fight at Grand Cathedral.

Except that tons of quests in this game are bugged beyond balls, and all of them routinely disappear after you kill Rom instead. This happened to me twice with Eileen. She's just nowhere.

It happened to me that the Suspicious Beggar in Forgotten Woods was gone after I killed Rom. Somehow Rom is tied to side quests. I wish they kinda hinted at the importance of that boss.

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I would love to call an air raid strike and carpet bomb the entire grand cathedral.

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I really don't know what to feel about them. On one hand I can see why FromSoft put them in the game, on the other I don't understand why they felt the need to make them as powerful as they did. I have reached a point where I just don't bother with them and if I happen to eventually get bored enough and kill one I really don't feel the sense of satisfaction from over coming a powerful enemy. For example:

The one in grand cathedral. Any point in making her/him that powerful?

What's the point in putting three of them in one room?

I know FromSoft does not do things for the sake of reasons but can someone please enlighten me.