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Wow. Here's to hoping this isn't MW2 with renamed perks and killstreak rewards.

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WTF is wrong with everybody? Have so many of you not come to grips with the fact that men like boobs? Are so many really offended by sexuality?

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I agree with being yourself. 
Eventually you'll find people who like the same things as you. Try not to hate the things you don't like. Try to just like them less.

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She doesn't want you to care about her because she doesn't want to be responsible for upsetting you. When you say you were worried about her, all she hears is that she messed up again by not calling you, and then feels like she messes up everything, etc. Then you caring about her becomes a burden on her. That is, if you care about her, she has to change to make sure she doesn't upset you. If you don't care, she can fuck up as much as she likes. 
You have to show her that she's not responsible for your feelings. You have your own feelings, and, no matter what she does, you're going to be ok. You like her, but you're your own person. Your feelings are not in her hands, they're in yours. If she feels free to do what she likes, and you like her anyways, then I think that'll be  good thing. Feel me?

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More importantly: What's the story with babs?

The girl is from circumstances.

From circumstances, you say? As in... from a family of means?
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To the people offended by this thread: .......Why? Do you think asking these questions is hurting the crew? I mean, do you think Ryan is ashamed and embarrassed by these questions, even if he gets to choose what's public and what's private? Personally, I don't. 
More importantly: What's the story with babs?

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Matty K is the man.

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The Shining! I can't believe no one has mentioned that yet. I'm sure you know it; it's a classic.
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You might want to try Plants Vs. Zombies. The demo is really fun.

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What the fuck is wrong with people who don't get what @bkbroiler is saying? It's pretty clear, no?