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With Artorias for instance, I memorized all of his moves, I could dodge them perfectly, and he STILL was able to beat me a lot

Something doesn't quite seem right here...

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The hundreds of hours my friend and I spent just sitting down and trying to learn SSFIV are probably some of my favorite videogame memories. That's really all you can do to learn those games.

And then you get to a point where only one of your friends can even somewhat compete with you and you just put the game away forever because you're no fun to play with.

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Go for the one that lets you use the sword, stop being dumb. Hip.

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It can be a little overwhelming in terms of learning curve and there is a great GB community built up in game who will gladly talk your face off.

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From behind our veil of darkness, Kite Asteroid Scoopin' mourns also.

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These policies were never implemented and never directly affected anyone's gameplay experience. Now we can all pretend like they were never even mentioned.

Why would Microsoft want everyone to hate them during E3 when they're trying to get everyone to like them?

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Comic Jumper because I flat out didn't enjoy playing what I played of it (though, I'm a little torn because I like Twisted Pixel and do want to support them).

This game is not fun to play. Beating it was such a mind numbing chore that I have no idea why I did it.

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I'm pissed they changed their DRM restrictions, mostly because I wanted Microsoft to lose badly this gen to Sony and for that loss to send a message to developers that DRM does in fact matter to gamers. Still its a good day for gamers and the fact that people who will buy the X1 won't get horrible DRM like they were going to is awesome (but should have always been the norm).

Some terrible people just want to see the world burn.