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The game is still pretty buggy. My friend and I have been playing this game exclusively co-op but had to stop today when whatever character he took control of would have all their stats reduced to 5 and not able to use any spells or equip any items. Pretty frustrating when you're 15 hours into the game.

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How much of an issue is the co-op design for a solo player? The whole taking both sides of a conversation thing seemed weird and not all that appealing to me.

It's even weirder in co-op where only one player gets the dialog box and then the decision stuff just pops up without context for the other player.

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I put a lot of time into this game when I first got it but eventually got tired of someone joining my game during Shadow Raid and unloading an entire magazine from their assault rifle before quitting. Just tired of the trolling really.

Feel free to add me as well Steam Link

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It was the Yawhg

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Getting in on your opponent is also quite boring as well. Basically all it comes down to is both opponents throw out moves left and right, and when one of them hits, you're in. But there isn't much complexity to it. What it mainly comes down to is some timing and prediction.

You know, like in fighting games.

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I really enjoyed this game but like you say the part where you play it is kind of bad. Also it's collectible crazy in the sense that in my 6-7 hours with it I picked up more than 150 different trinkets.

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If I wasn't in college for the next 3 years I probably would've voted Jordans but right now gas is too big of an issue.

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I might not spend that much on a computer let alone a laptop. What I might recommend is building a desktop because you'll get way more value out of a $800 desktop than a $1200 laptop and then if you need a laptop for trips or something buying a cheaper one for basic tasks like word processing and browsing the internet.

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If you're tired of being able to get the apps or games that everyone is talking about, a Windows phone is a great way to go.