Sweet christ, I own a lot of games. I mean, I think I cracked 400 on Steam over the holidays. The situation is well past getting out of hand. The situation has bounced past my fingertips and taken a shuttle to Mars, where it fought demons until it got to a slipgate to whatever planet Quake takes place on before finding a backdoor onto Borderlands' Pandora.

Admittedly, most of those games were/are part of package deals that were about a dollar or two a game, but I'm not going to rationalize it beyond that. Rationalizing is what got me into this mess in the first place. I've made lists of games that I need to play/finish before, but those lists weren't enough to keep me from buying more. So I'm doing a self-imposed embargo on purchasing further games until I can get a handle on the situation and spend some quality time with what I've got.

Anyone else notice a similar trend? I can't be the only one. Pick up a game, play it intensely, but then another steam deal and you're sitting on 4 more games without considering when you're going to play 'em. I mean, I can't be the only crazy stuck in this brutal spiral. Anyone else undergo a similar "not buying anymore games until x date" promise? Any tips on how to stick with it?

For me, I think avoiding gaming sites might help a bit. Take my thumb off the pulse of the vidja games industry for a month or two. Not that I won't be poking around here or Rock Paper Shotgun, but I'll be tempering every single impulse to check out and try every game that comes along with reminding myself of the games on this list. Now, if I can only get Paypal to link back here...

To remind myself, here's a list of games I fervently want to play, but keep forgetting about and then getting something else to play for a few hours. Or, at least, games I really like and am a chunk of the way into, but still haven't completed for any other reason than I HAEV 2 MAINY GMZ.

Witness my list of shame.

Okay, so there's at least a stack of successes, here:

  • Completed Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening
  • Unlocked the Machinarium Robot in Super Meat Boy
  • Completed single player campaign in Starcraft II. Still watching GSL, of course.
  • Played Civ V and MNC with the girlfriend for a crazy amount of hours.

List items