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I got 559 titles on Steam so I organize by genre while favoriting the games I'm currently playing. I sometimes split a genre between indie and non-indie distinctions.

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No pics. Bummer. You be just bragging.

I'm not a photographer, you can just google that shit.

Well until you decide to press F12 and upload an image of this so called impressive work, there's nothing going for this thread now isn't it?

I agree, Steam makes it very easy to take screenshots and video to share for all.

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Obama is an old school Leisure Suit Larry fan.

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Dubstep should be over soon.

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You can be in favor of the punishment for pirates or not but there is no dispute, CD Projekt gave warning well ahead of release.

Nov 22, 2010 - Witcher 2 torrents could net you a fine [eurogamer]

They gave people fair warning what they were going to do and they followed through on exactly what they said they would do. You were warned, pirates.

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@medacris: Yeah, I caught a few episodes after it was prominently featured on Conan, it's a pretty decent show.

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I would like an impromptu improv of Nathan Drake, Guy from Shadow Complex, Prince of Persia '08 and Desmond having a conversation. It would be surreal.

On a side note of Nolan North talking to Nolan North, he plays Superboy and Superman on Young Justice and has talked to himself several times.

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I've found Lydia pretty good at catching up eventually. If she's lost in the world because I took an odd route or she's in a loop of triggering a trap over and over again, I just move on and eventually she'll catch up.

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"Fixed occasional issue where a guest would arrive to the player’s wedding dead"

Might be the be the best patch note detail ever.

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Considering the troubled development of I am Alive and Ghost Recon Future Soldier, it's quite possible PC players are dodging a bullet not having those. Again, they might turn out to be brilliant. Most likely mediocre to bad but you never know.