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I've waited for so long I thought it wouldn't come

Same here. I didnt get my expectations up this year since i was so let down last year, but damn it they delivered. I cant wait to see more footage, and then get my hands on the thing
I honestly wasn't even expecting any news about Golden Sun, I pretty much thought the franchise would never come back, but this was a pleasant surprise.

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" This was the best news out of the Nintendo conference.  Is that the official art?  Issac FTW "
Yes, this is official art.  Unfortunately that is not actually Isaac, Garet, and Mia, apparently these characters are descendants of the original cast... obviously the main character is Isaac's son, and the other guy definitely looks like the son of Garet.  I'm actually a little mixed on these not being the same characters because they look so similar, but there are some differences which confirm it is not them.  For example, the eye colours do not match those of the original cast... Garet had brown eyes, and Mia had teal eyes, so those are not them, unfortunately. "

Ah, so its a new story with the sons and daughters of the first game. Looks like its here we go again. Not that I mind.
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@KaosAngel: Im not even sure if it can be homebrewed - Sony's only mistake with the PSP IMO was no legal homebrew option - that kinda grinds my gears a little. My thing is that were about 3 years away from PSP 2 and who knows what they will do - if things dont improve on the economic side (which makes the Price a bit steep but logical) they may have to continue with an upgraded UMD (which has been their plan anyway), but will this be cracked? Oh yes it will but why would they crack it when it already has DD, and do the same stuff the IPOD Touch is doing... it makes little sense to me.

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Folks, the media need to calm down... Heres the real deal.


The PSP Go is the Lifestyle Brand of the PSP. There will be a UMD and DD for all PSP games going forward. That means GT PSP, Metal Gear Solid Peace Waker, and BioHazard PSP will all have a UMD Disc and a DD version OK? Good. 

Why does the PSP Go cost this much?

The 16 gig solid state drive and the MS M2 boosted the cost big time despite the smaller size and the smaller screen. Bluetooth and Internal WiFi also made the price go higher. 

The PSP overall gets the revamped music and video store which downloads the music and video straight to the PSP. 

That as of right now, is all what Sony will give us at this time. There is no download your UMD's to the PSP Go! It a completely different product within the PSP family with certain advantages - and some disadvantages. Its more towards the Apple Crowd. But at least the UMD stays and the DD will slow the piracy down. 
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The only thing from the Keynote Ninty gave I was excited about - was THIS game. 

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Sony Keynote started some time ago.

The News is True, but the UMD doesn't die, in fact both services will exist together, so NOBODY should be modding systems because of Not enough games. I would wanted the UMD to be a higher tier, but they haven't figured out how to get more disk space on the UMD. No worries. You Yuppies get your DD i keep my UMD *rasberry*

GT PSP? Catch Cars Like POKEMON? Awesome! 800 cars! 35 FUCKING tracks! 60 frames a second on a UMD? OH HELL YES!

Peace Walker! Snake in the 70's son...3 years after the events of Portaple Ops... Its in South America again... looks like it talks about OUTER HAVEN! HOLY SHIT SON! Back to 70's hardcore son. Im talking about McFUCKINGQcade son. The good film stuff blowing shit up 70's style S-O-N. Its the episode that puts everything together, 2010 BITCHES! UMD and dd for those yuppies...

Biohazard Portable coming to the PSP as well... as well as more of your faves. Hanna Montana will sell sadly but maybe thats why they left the UMD option there as well?

MONTAGE - oh did I say that LBP looks good...

Hey, the Yuppies that keep cheering pipe that down man, this aint the AVN awards for god sakes!

That would be interesting to see the Fat princess on the montage - maybe its both?

FF 7 to the store, so go get it when its ready...(which is TONIGHT!)

Home isnt doing to hot I admit that but give it time...

See, Microsoft tries too hard with the stars we dont care least Sony keeps it to the games... 

I sense that WKC will get a major overhaul. 

No surprises in this montage...Maybe a Sequel to LBP coming? 

New IP Called "Agent" 70's based game. Interesting.

Big Hammer Coming? MegaTon? AC2 will have a PSP and PS3 connectivity... Its ready this christmas... (Might Be Exclusive) 

They show Weakass Blahticy 13... SNORE. Longer Clip? Thats all you gonna give us Square? I know Sony is excited...because they will make more money off of it than MicroSoft... MEGATON, FF 14 only on PS3 in 2010? MS Just got OWNED BEYOND ALL EVERYTHING SON! wait.. wait wait its a online game...what the fuck Square? I just got fucking blue balled!

Motion Control... Hmm... Talking about the EyePet maybe. Ohh its the copy tech they showed us some years ago! Its improved! Its a upgrade to the PS EYE - the COPY tech copies objects and puts them on the screen! Hes actually building something? WTF THIS IS SO FUCKING AWSOME ever see a weather report on the news? The Green screen? This takes it to a level beyond that... Build and use as a mouse - MAG just got better... at least you can select 256 units... The Controls are ... beyond precise like it acts like a very good wacom tablet...March - May of next year. 

Hey Sony you have something for this year please?

ModRacers is part of the PCS (Play Create Share) genre that LBP started... Interesting... yet another game in 2010.


ICO GAME MOTHERFUCKA!!!!!! Its called the Last Guardian the trailer was leaked? But it got the Colossi, the young boy... and now their talking? wth? Very Interesting... coming to PS3 in...2011. DUH


GT5 Preview! Please let it come THIS YEAR! 

God Of War 3, Final Game of Series. Same mega battles... He steals from the enemies? OMG DID YOU SEE THAT? Brutal. OOOOHHHH... but how will the handle the mini-games? 2010 AGAIN? GOD...

Sony has 2010 on lock son. But 2009 will not be horrible... just...slow until Oct 1st.  PSP lives, PS3 gets a lot of games, PS2 still moves along. Im thinking that Sony was a little slow but it picked up later - MS had the stars, Ninty tried to hard, Sony was just right.

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Not totally about  e3 but it was going to happen. I dislike these games but folks, we reached a point where somebody was going to say Stop and Stop they did.

Does that mean that Equality Now moves on back to the US and starts talking shit about the XBox and PS3? By the time 2012 rolls around the only thing that would be allowed to sell is Wii and the next great parlor game. But then again, the main supporters of Equality Now does include those who are in Jezbel's blog which stated when she was sexually accosted it wasn't important. This is the hight of hypocrisy. But folks, ever since we went to Iraq and Afghanistan this shit was going to continue - we were going to promote our morality on others even at the barrel of a gun. So why should the Occident (the Western World) be surprised beyond belief that when Muslim groups want to promote their Morality on Europe? YOU DID IT TO THEM, NOW THEY DO IT TO YOU. Karmic Man vs Dharmic Man baby, for the world is becoming one and it will be a sad day when it does. 

Metal Gear gets another game to go to the XBox 360 and one more for the PSP. The 360 is for Raiden, the PSP one we are not sure of. Kojima stated on the 360 one will be devopied (not exclusive) for 360 so you got to share folks ^_^. PSP one will be a OMG SO OBVIOUS sequel to one of the greatest games for the PSP, Portable Ops. 
And did i hear correctly that CV is going to be apart of Kojima Productions? Does that mean we see Danjo and Sabata from Botaki again?

As for the Leak of the PSP Go - well at least Sony is Keeping the PSP - 3000 and call the GO a separate Product. But to be honest - its already better than the I-Pod Touch (when it music) but the Design NEEDS HELP! God Sony, you made the screen smaller and it looks like a... fucking flesh-light! You could have made it look a hell of a lot better! Mylo Redux anyone?

Now that Crysis is going to PS3 and XBOX 360 - one wonders which will look better. I still say the PC but the PS3 version will be surprisingly close. 

On the next post. Sony, Sony, Sony Keynote. We will finally know what will happen to the PSP, why it got support back - is there really a PS3 Slim? GOD Of War 3? Maybe Goddess of War returning (you know who im talking about) 
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This would be my main music player if I have the money.

Im shocked they there keeping both the PSP - 3000 and Go. They still make too much money on UMD and DD isn't ready (despite all the talk, Music Downloads still make only 33% of the whole Music Market - which is half of the industry now but still way too low and in TOO MANY hands) But maybe there doing something else with this plan I don't know yet. 
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Im going, even though I still have some reservations about certain things. Im the biggest TOS mark out there so as long as the keep enough TOS kitchyness im gonna be fine with it.

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I think the Liberals are not against the protest in principle. I heard the same things on the right when the the Liberals did the anti-war marches all over the world, Glenn Beck stating they were unkept unwashed and how do they get pretty chicks...

So im not too surprised when the Liberals call them hicks and racist. But some of them were acorn plants anyway - At least they didnt attack the police.
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Myspace is for 14 year old girls to just play around with, Facebook is for women who are over 14 years old and cant stand the myspacers and Twitter is just a mess of people who cant stand both...