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He's making an Onechanbara game?

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Reminds me of a Valve game's main menu before it finishes loading.

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Fable 3 
In my defense, it's in a different state at my parents house. 

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At best, this article is making a poor case for the need of any patch. I understand that there are some really bad bugs that cause roadblocks to gameplay, but the videos are awesome. 

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Why is he fighting Skeletors?

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I hope they use lady Shepard. I don't think they can use the default name for male Shepard anyway since Stargate Atlantis already has a John Shepard (Spelled differently, but some people will sue for anything).

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@Bruce: The same applies for Mr. Eberts area of expertise. Most would undeniably consider Citizen Kane to be a work of art, but then the same standards apply to something like, for example, Scary movie 4. As I said though, art is subjective.  
 I realize that,  just wanted to paste this into my blog. Besides the reactions are interesting. Several people saying that they've seen enough of this, seems ironic to me. Taking their time to comment like that, when the title made the subject matter kind of obvious, is a rather curious thing to do.
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@Whisperkill: @Romination: @MAN_FLANNEL: Meh, just felt like posting it. 
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Here's my two cents, I'll keep it short: Art is subjective, so I will accept that video games will never be art to you. That isn't uncommon to your generation, but in 20 years time, when that generation is dead, dieing, or senile, the gamers of today will be in the same position you are in now; dictating to the young what art is while telling them their "new thing" will never be it, even should that thing just be a bastardization of our own tropes. History repeats itself, and the defense of an empirical definition of art is futile because people and ideas will continue to change.