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It basically boils down to purchase justification. If consoles didn't cost $300 a-piece, console wars wouldn't exist. Because of the initial price, most people can only afford one, and once that decision is made, one continues to become further and further invested in their choice with every purchase toward it, i.e. games. The result is that people need to hear that they made the correct pick. When people hear that "PS3 HAS NO GAEMS!" they take it personally. That's their console you're talking about.

Same rule applies to individual games after that. Games are expensive as well. And the console competition doesn't help, especially with some games being exclusives. Eventually reviews are just a leaderboard of, "which game is best", despite some titles being absolutely incomparable.

Ultimately, if DVD/Bluray Players cost more and had exclusive movies depending on which brand you bought, we'd have the same problem in that field.

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@netpsycho: Yeah, I'm in the same boat.
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Forza 3 at the moment.

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Seems interesting, but it doesn't seem to have any personality.

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People are really gonna complain about this being episodic? Would you prefer them to just call the episodes a series and release several sequels stretched over a longer course of time?

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I haven't dabbled in episodic releases much in the past, but I'm absolutely interested in it, at least as far as downloadable games are concerned. Breaking up a more complete experience into bite sized bits, which are complete in a sense in themselves. It's like getting controlled doses, since you can stop anytime you have had enough, but you can also purchase everything and get what would have otherwise likely cost around 60 dollars and been released on a single disk.

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I just hope it's not true. One of my most anticipated games. :(

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Love the style, but not sure about the game itself.

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@fwylo said:
" @DivineCC said:
" @fwylo said:
" If they ever kill the Joker in a Batman game I will be fucking pissed.  Even if they just lock him up forever that would be better than killing him. 
And he probably doesn't want to do it because Sequels constantly are let-downs in video games.  Like the saying goes. "Quit while you're ahead."  Edit: And yes obviously there are good sequels out there I know this. "
I'd say video games have the highest ratio of good to bad sequels than any other medium. "
Sorry I should have said 2nd sequels.  I've found that the 3rd installments of games are constantly bad.  But there are some bad cases of first sequels as well.  KOTOR comes to mind. "
Seriously? What about Super Mario Bros. 3? Or The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past? Third installments don't have any lower a success rate than sequels or even new IP's.
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Awesome. Mega Man 2 would be astonishing.

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