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@StaticFalconar said:
" @endaround said:
" The 200th Anniversary of the War of 1812 "
So that would 2012, OMG the Mayans predicted this.  "
fuck hes right we have to get along or the Mexicans will take over
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the quickest war in history 

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@Ace829 said:
" "
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not a huge fan of eating them without salsa it kind of feels like a waste but i do like the multi-grain ones alone

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ok that is fucking cool
I'm so glad they put  McNamara in it, i bought mw2 and wasn't planing on buying black ops but the multilayer stuff looks really good

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ok so you can poke holes in their theories but what are your answers then?
and also  "news is pouring in trying to further the successful image of the Obama administration" what are you talking about all any one talks about is whats going wrong with the administration msnbc is the only network regularly saying favorable thing and their a liberal news organization so of course they are and just because the economy isn't growing at 6% now doesn't mean it's going to grow at 2% for the next 20 years, its a big recession expecting it to go back to big growth in 4 years a little crazy

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that's funny, maybe it's a roommate's though

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@ptys said:
" Was considering trying it, but now I won't. Just don't have the time. Microsoft needs to get some 5 star first party STAT. "
why it's not like Sony has much going on this year ether
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@zegolf:  I don't know about you because i live in canada and i think the ads are difrent in the states but i rarely see any ads and i think the level of advertising that is going on now is fine its still head and shoulders above the rest of the internet
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@Raymayne said:
" @XxRANGAxX said:
" I don't really care if there is none because i like to support this site because its AWSOME! "
You're a fucking idiot for giving away money without even knowing what you're getting. "
or hes supporting a website so they don't have to resort to more advertising and can just focus on making great content