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some times artists make good art by accident.
deadly premonition is a good game by accident it doesn't mater weather they deliberately made the driving feel bad, if you like it because it feels that way then you like it and the developers intentions are irrelevant.

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yea the platform is good but the hardware is shit

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that's pretty good

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Ontario Collage of Art and design in Toronto

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That is an awesome commercial

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@wrathofconn said:
" So this quote wall totally breaks the formatting of the mobile site. It's awesome. "

Aww I'm sad they took down the quotes this was my favorite form on the site
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camera control is important to me but i do think that games wear they take control of the camera often show off the graphics better

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that show and tosh specifically ride a line wear i can't decide whether I find it kind of ok or really bad.

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" No2 not to bad i bet Iceland would of been there if their banks hadn't crashed  Also id rather be no2 and wearing shorts than freezing my ass off in Norway "

good point. whats with all the cold countries does the UN like skiing?
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@Dork_Metamorphosis said:
"In particular, I don't think we need to see even one more game that doesn't support ranked play. "
yea the ranked play and rewind are what makes game-room interesting to me but most of the games they release are shit and most of thoues games are so short or simple that even at 240 points it's a bit of a rip off maybe if they were 200 points and some newer games i would buy some more games but right now i just have lunar lander and i am happy with my game-room arcade all luner lander