Games Purchased in Japan- Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 Semesters

Much like the last time I was in Japan, this current outing in Japan is for relatively serious business, what with it involving a study abroad gig and all. I'm here primarily to make my language skills more competent and lay the groundwork for what will probably be a career revolving around international, particularly Japan-centric, work. That doesn't mean I'm left lacking when it comes to time for fun and games, though, and that's what this list is for: detailing my purchases made while overseas, as well as any and all impressions I might have. I never come to Japan with the particular intention of buying a lot, but invariably, whether it's because I find something that's just absolutely difficult to track down in the States or is just plain dumb/cheap/both dumb and cheap, I wind up expanding my collection far more than I ever initially expect. Let's watch together and see how bad things end up getting by the end.

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Posted by Apathylad

I might have looked into the English-patched version of Love Plus out of that same curiosity. >.>

Posted by Pepsiman

@Apathylad: I wasn't aware that the patch had actually been completed until recently, having thought that it was just perpetually stalled or something given the nature of translations for modern games. I'm curious about checking it out myself, if only because I want to see how they handled some of the dialog in that game. Early on you have a dialog choice with implications that just simply don't translate into English and I'd love to see what they did with stuff like that.

Posted by dietmango

God, just seeing another Tales game will always remind me that Vesperia will never come out for the PS3 outside of Japan (yeah thanks, Microsoft.). I've considered getting a 360 before, but I'm still having second thoughts about it, even though the list of games I'd play in the system are growing. But anyway, wasn't there another Tales game that's supposed to come out this year or the next? Or am I just mistaken?

And I don't know. I'm still looking forward to Ni no Kuni. As long as the story remains consistent (as previous Level-5 games failed to do so, at least to me) and the gameplay just as engaging, I'm fine with simplicity.

Posted by Pepsiman

@asian_pride: I believe Graces F, the PS3 expanded edition of the Wii game, is getting a localized release next year, but that's about it aside from the usual crossover stuff that's staying in Japan. And yeah, I didn't mean to imply that Ni no Kuni's simplicity was inherently a bad thing. It is what it is, but it's definitely more of a game to play for its art direction and music than anything else, both of which, if nothing else, ensured Ghibli lived up to its end of the bargain.

Posted by Video_Game_King

Well, that's a ton of awesome purchases. Will you try translating some of the non-translated stuff for those of us who wish to experience it? (I don't mean "learn scripting language and how to debug and all that other shit that actual game translators have to learn"; I mean "post a game script up on GameFAQs or something".) I imagine the answer is "no".

Edited by Pepsiman

@Video_Game_King: I'm not inherently against providing that sort of support, actually. I've been known to provide that level of translation support to other games in the past, so there's the off chance I might whip something up when I get back. It ultimately all depends on how much free time I have since I need to go job hunting basically as soon as I get back from Japan, but at the very least, I was hoping to do some sort of large game-related project like that on the side. No guarantees on what, if anything, will actually happen, but I won't completely discount it.

Posted by Guided_By_Tigers

I hope someone translates Kamaitachi no Yoru soon

Edited by WatanabeKazuma

Ugh, you get to play VC3, I hate you.

Posted by Pepsiman

@WatanabeKazuma: Are there not even translation guides floating around out there for non-Japanese speakers still wanting to play the game? I know it's not ideal, but I'm curious as to how potentially playable the game is without having to be like me and pay tuition money just to have the side effect years later of being able to play it.

Posted by WatanabeKazuma

@Pepsiman: Probably, but I always assumed playing games in such a way would compromise the experience. Its not something I have really ventured into before, well except with Tekken 3 back in the day, but even I wouldn't chalk that up as a learning experience.

And for weird as it sounds I am strangely invested in the VC story despite it not being all that special. Maybe I should give it try it though, if only in the name of experimentation.