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@Animasta said:

Caius is the best one I can think of so far. He's great though, best FF villain by a long shot.

Wow... really? *boggles*

I'mma just leave this here...

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No one beats Kefka. No one. Especially not some emo sissy piece of shit from FFXIII-2

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Now find a way to make a profit from doing this!

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I remember when IGN was like N64.com and RPGamer was some Squaresoft fan site with lots of midi music and images... Or maybe I'm just so old I'm misremembering all of that.

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Easy way to ensure your thread gets tons of hits and replies: spell a staff member's name wrong.

If only you could profit off of this sorta thing like Youtube reply videos... hmm..... *plots*

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@LordAndrew said:

I hope you're ready for "[person you've ignored] already said that" and "answered that question, fuckface" replies. Because that's what will happen if people can be ignored.

Naw, no one reads any replies beyond the first page anyways, so having an ignore function won't really affect that.

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The anti-abortion argument is as retarded as the anti-gay marriage argument. What someone else decides to do with their body is of no concern or consequence to you and as such, you have no right to tell them what to do with it.

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Video games.

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@JBG4 said:

@PixelPrinny Why come into the thread if you're not going to contribute in any way whatsoever? This thread is a way for fans of this genre to connect and discuss games that we enjoy, if you have something that you could contiribute to the topic it would be appreciated.

Anywho, Chrono Trigger is great... Radiant Historia harkened back to that for me with the time traveling aspect.

Because I've recommended RPGs on this site since it's inception. I've responded to countless "what JRPG should I play, derp?" threads. And yet everyone seems to think they need to start their own thread for the exact same thing. It gets kind of tiring seeing the same thread being started over and over and over and seeing the same group of us recommending the same games over and over and over.

Should there be a stickied "JRPG Recommendation Thread"? I'd be totally for that, so maybe that'll happen with this and if that's the case, great. then the OP can compile a list of the recommended games with brief descriptions of them. That'd be pretty awesome. And when everyone and their mom decides "Gee I'm in the mood for an RPG but I don't know how to use the search function on these forums" the post will be right there at the top of the JRPG forums for them to see.

Now, have I contributed enough to your thread or should I still GTFO?

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Wow, this is like the 30th such thread in the last month. Do people just not like reading those other threads or something? I get the feeling those people who start "Recommend me a game (cause I'm too lazy to read other threads)" threads prolly won't read this one, either D:

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I approve of these choices.