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Though I really like Insomniac I think Naughty Dog has had the better franchise every generation.

Though at the end of the day, I think it's the work that they shared back in the Jak/Ratchet days that made both of them such great developers.

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I'd rather have 720p60.

Agreed. Personally, I'd probably be fine with 720 at 30 if it can keep a rock-solid, tear-free 30.

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The uglier it is and the deeper it lives in the sea, the more I want to eat it.

@marshermallow I'm also a fan of intense, salty licorice.

@avengedxsniper This seems to only be strange for adults as almost every kid I know likes ketchup on literally everything. Well, everything but candy :)

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@sparky_buzzsaw said:

Accountability, or the lack thereof, is the single greatest problem with Kickstarter.

Accountability, or lack thereof, seems to be the single greatest problem with the entire industry.

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Seeing two Viva Pinata mentions in this almost brought a tear to my eye.

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The Saboteur.

I've gotten deep and restarted a couple times. I love it but I highly doubt I will ever end up finishing it - though I'd really like to.

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I would never claim to have OCD but I definitely fall into the spectrum.

All I can say is try to refocus your efforts because in today's videogame industry the idea of "completion" is disappearing. I was super into "S-Ranking" 360 games until un-purchased DLC started messing up the numbers, I was into collecting 100% of the meaningless collectibles in games until they started creeping into the 1000s, and I always wanted to "Catch 'Em All!" but I JUST COULDN'T DO IT.

I still play games in an obsessive-compulsive manner, it's just what I do, deriving entertainment out of repetition, monotony and tedium (see: Don't Starve, Far Cry 3, Terraria, Rogue Legacy, Assassin's Creed Shanties, etc.) but I've established my work as the dominant feeder of my OCD-like tendencies and accepted the fact that videogames are no longer designed in such a way that they can satisfy these types of urges.

Easier said then done I know, but at some point the OCD-minded may be forced to accept it as the very idea of "100%" becomes an unachievable goal.

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The Saboteur's a hell of a game.

I wonder if @nixatron ever got it working?

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@mosespippy said:

I've got spreadsheets for stuff like the sale value of vehicles in GTA Online, the stats for every armour piece in Dark Souls 2 and a colour coded chart showing what loot is on which mule in Borderlands 2.

By the time we stopped my wife and I had a 200ish page binder full of WoW drop tables, gear stats, dungeon maps, build plans and spec charts. We also had the continent maps including flight paths and resource nodes blown up, printed and framed on the wall. To top it all off, my wife built the guild's website and DKP tracking system while I designed and posted boss strategy diagrams :P

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. But seriously, mostly best of :)

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I'm in!