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Okay, I'll ask. Is this impressive or unimpressive? Every reaction I've seen has been some smug "Metallica is playing Blizzcon. *yeah*" instead of people actually saying what they mean.

Sorry, not a metal fan.

Metallica is the biggest Metal band in the world and one of the biggest band in the world...period. So yeah it's a big thing.

What I really mean is that I think it's awesome. I'm not the world's biggest Metallica fan anymore but they know how to kill it on a stage, and it certainly beats getting that band that nobody remembers a year from now :)

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I feel bad for this guy. He screwed up, and he's acknowledged it, but can't escape it... how would you feel in his shoes?

Terrible, I imagine. And rightly so. I think Valve handled the situation correctly.

That said, all the lemmings jumping on the bandwagon to give him shit on twitter are not doing anyone any good either.

Oh you didn't hear? That's apparently "the good fight".

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I had a pretty long term subscription to EGM and one year I subbed to Edge but I think that's about it.

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What's your gayyyymmmmmAH! Yeeyah!

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Awesome job :)

Keepin? Sellin? Whatcha gonna put it in?

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weird steam usually doesnt charge more

They implemented it about a week ago or so. Everything in Canada increased in price as well - about 10% or so.

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When combined and looked at as one movie Alien/Aliens is easily my favourite movie of all time. On it's own Aliens might still be my fave.

I watch Aliens at least three times for every time I watch Alien. The pace, soundscape, characters and quotables are nigh-untouchable. I also have a huge soft spot for how unexpected it was when it released as the sequel to Alien.

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@rowr: Yeah, the sale is why I brought it up :) and like you, the amount of stuff in vanilla is why I still haven't bought it.

Both my wife and I have a copy of the game and we're anxiously awaiting the co-op, but I'm unsure if or how the DLC will effect our ability to not starve together.