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I've got spreadsheets for stuff like the sale value of vehicles in GTA Online, the stats for every armour piece in Dark Souls 2 and a colour coded chart showing what loot is on which mule in Borderlands 2.

By the time we stopped my wife and I had a 200ish page binder full of WoW drop tables, gear stats, dungeon maps, build plans and spec charts. We also had the continent maps including flight paths and resource nodes blown up, printed and framed on the wall. To top it all off, my wife built the guild's website and DKP tracking system while I designed and posted boss strategy diagrams :P

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. But seriously, mostly best of :)

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I'm in!

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I've taken a lot of notes for a lot of games but the most recent, spectacular and disturbing is Terraria. They're not exactly notes, but judge for yourself...

I have a pad of graph paper full of these, including pages dedicated to scaled down versions for placement of each (can you spot my Helleavator?).

Most of them were built to completion, some (like the castle in the center) have been redrawn and renovated multiple times. I'd love to (and hope to) make some comparison shots but unfortunately my world (of 100+ hours) is currently on a misplaced USB key somewhere :P

(PS: My son added the dude in that first one)

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The main thing I have in common with the crew is "generation" and the fact that I spend A LOT of time in front of a screen and it tends to be all I need. I'm Canadian, I'm a father, I own a house and I work from home but we have a lot of overlap when it comes to nostalgia triggers like going to arcades, punching holes in "single-sided" floppies and thinking Double Dragon was the pinnacle of graphics and gameplay technology that would never be bested.

Vinnie is a father so we have that going. I'm super impressed with his ability to separate his life and work but I still wish he'd talk more about it :)

I love Jeff's knowledge and I aspire to have it. I also LOVE rap and I would argue that I have more knowledge of that topic than he does, though he's pretty good.

Alex just talks and acts like a lot of my long time friends. I suspect we would've hung in similar circles had we grown up in the same area.

I have very little in common with Drew besides the obvious wanting to have more in common with Drew.

And Brad. Brad has been, for the longest time, my go-to journalist for opinions and reviews purely because of how our tastes overlap. Even where they don't overlap it's always clear to me that this game is one of those.

I still don't really feel like I "know" Rorie, Patrick, Dan or Jason - but I will say Dan's profile cover art sure makes me feel at home :)

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Feels like "just another day at the office" for comics.

Kill this one, resurrect that one, swap gender, switch race, change origin, alternate dimension, etc, etc.

@wrecks I hope when he does come back they rename him "Man-Thor".

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The first one that pops into my mind is Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I guess just don't get it.

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Killer get.

Grats Mr. Drake.

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Opposite effect for me. I'm not pre-ordering it and now that I know this content is available I wouldn't buy it without it.

Sooo... GotY Edition then?

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@sterling said:

The ones with pig ass holes in them, those are the ones I like!

As comedian Bill Burr once said as he ate a hotdog, "If ears and assholes taste this good, I say make everything out of them!".

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It annoys me but it's become such a standard business practice these days that getting it turned off is just part of my standard consuming practice.

It's super lame but I called MS once about five years ago and it solved it pretty painlessly - if/when I buy an XBoxOne (or subscribe to pretty much any online service) I'll just remember to do the same.