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Christmas avatar is go!

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@raven10: Complain about achievements being worthless (XBLA,PSN), complain about giving them worth (Steam/UPlay).

That's why you can't give anyone a compliment anymore.

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Nope. That's really all the opinion I have. Seems like another one of those things where my time is more valuable than even the mildest of effort involved.

Maybe I'm wrong, but the holiday season is upon us and thusly, I aint's gots time fer this shits.

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The Nemesis System.

I say they set it in the jungle again, fire all their writers and just don't bother with a story at all if that's what it takes to get the resources to do it.

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I've had some pretty drastic swings over the years but I'm never "out". I can go six months of playing little to nothing and then all of a sudden I'm playing Terraria or FarCry four hours a night five nights a week for 2-3 months.

But I am backlogged to the point that following videogame news has become a completely separate passtime that is mostly irrelevant to what I play.

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1. PS3 Phat in my bedroom for movies. PixelJunk Shooter and Super Stardust get some action from time to time though.

2. 360 Slim in my living room primarily for Dance Central, Happy Action Theatre, Raymen and Lego games.

3. A borrowed (probably for life at this point) Wii in the living room almost exclusively used for Mario Party.

4. And an old 360 at the cottage for media, more Lego and occasional grinders like Just Cause 2, Skyrim, Viva PInata, etc.

That's also all the home consoles I own. I occasionally feel regret but I'm not a collector. I have PCs in my office, kitchen and living room where most of the heavy lifting gets done for now.

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@saik0u: Fucking awesome dude.

Gives me a bit of a Paprika's Parade of Everything Under the Sun vibe (that's a very good thing).

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Damn, I wanted see what that was about.

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I know it's completely unreasonable but I'd KILL for Nintendo to make an HD Mario RPG Collection for iOS.

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@rirse said:

Don't give a crap about the XBone version of the game, until it out on the PC or PS4 it vaporware

Based on the agreed definition of "vaporware" you'd be totally wrong but y'know, whatever.