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Kaz realizes these problems (hence the restructuring). Hopefully he takes the initiative to do something about them. Stringer would have sat back and watched the company burn if he was still CEO.

Consolidate divisions, focus on key products, trim the fat, hire a new ad team. I'd say spin off Sony Pictures and Sony Music but apparently those divisions make a profit.

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Sporty then.

Sporty now.

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@shoddyrobot said:

I have a feeling Leo might have used this as an excuse to cut the shows. I think there may be another reason and he just saw this as a good opportunity. It seems like he's done that before ala the erik lanigan controversy:

erik also had a late night show. I think also leo just gets weird about what happens when he's not there.

I used to respect Leo a lot but after he dumped his wife and got in bed with his boss, rammed Erik on air, and throwing GameOn! under the bus within (it seems) a couple of months I couldn't think less of him. As Ryan said, fuck him.

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Leo's always been against gaming in general and I think CAH was his scapegoat to shutdown GameOn.

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@ZOnikJJ said:

Well, with respect to the original Wii, it launched at $250 with old hardware.

In addition, the PS3 and Xbox 360 likely will see price drops (to as low as $150 says Kotaku) this year.

Welp, guess it was a good idea to wait to upgrade to the Xbox S. I'll have to buy a PS3 for my folks too.

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No. I really want them to expand on the universe with different characters/stories/genres.

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Jak and Daxter Collection. Always loved Jak 1 and never played any of the other games. Not liking Jak II very much so far.

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@Marz said:

shit.. hope someone picks up Relic, Volition, and Vigil games... they are too talented to go down with THQ.

If he's right then everything worthwhile THQ currently has will either break away or be sold off and those three developers are arguably the only thing THQ has.

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@yoshimitz707 said:

I don't think they're going to do a redesign for a while. They're barely making money off the current ones to be designing and making a new one.

I think now would be the perfect time for a "relaunch" of the 3DS. There's a great library of games now, they're adding support for a 2nd analog stick, the Vita has launched and Apple's new iPhone and iPod Touch are nearing. They can rename it so there's less emphasis on the 3D (but still have it as a selling point) and nullify any perception issues of it just being another DS with 3D.

It could be sold alongside the 3DS and at a premium price (closer to the iPod Touch/Vita price)